Friday, December 20, 2013

25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 25B - Grande Finale : Interview With Raluca Of TinyLoveGifts

Merry Christmas!!!

For the grand finale of our 25 Days Of Christmas Celebration, this afternoon you will get to meet our lovely leader Raluca of TinyLoveGifts :-) 

Raluca is the trendy author behind our very popular Eye On Fashion mini-series and our weekly Fresh Finds column!

   When I was about 8-9 years old my mother taught me and my sister how to knit. She wasn't an expert herself but she loved knitting and she would always make cute things for us. After playing around with yarn and needles for a couple of years I put them aside and I completely lost interest in knitting.

  Until... I become a mother myself. When I was still in the hospital and my husband brought our brand new daughter from the nursery for the first time she was wearing the cutest little knitted hat. One of the ladies that worked there as a volunteer was a knitter and she had put it on her head. It was purple and had a lavender brim...nothing special...and yet incredibly special to us! 

When my daughter was a little older and I had a little more time to spare I took up knitting again and I decided to make hats for babies in the hopes that some of them would be as special to someone as that little purple hat is to us!

That's how I came up with TinyLoveGifts.

I knit for the love of knitting and because I like to make cute things. Even if I were never to have a sale on Etsy I would still be knitting. I like doing it and it relaxes me tremendously.

What is your favorite tool or craft supply to use for your products?

I love working with natural fibers : wool, cotton, silk. However, since I make things for babies I decided not to work with wool because it is not always very soft and it can be itchy and uncomfortable. So I picked cotton instead. It is a lot softer, it's easy to work with and I love it just as much! 

What inspires you for your designs?

I have a passion for fashion. I always know what's in trend ; I read fashion blogs, magazines, I watch fashion shows... I take inspiration from there.Why can't babies be fashionable as well?! I never make anything that I would not like my baby to wear.  

What is the strangest thing you have ever created?

The pattern was for a poncho for myself. While knitting it I kept modifying it... another decrease here... few more increases there... It ended up being a gorgeous eggplant tunic with a cable motif. I would not know how to make another one! :)

Best Time For Creativity - Morning, Afternoon, Evening

I craft mostly in the evening, after my daughter is down for the night. But even before I had her, I have always been a night owl. My brain seems to function at its best in the evening and during the night. The earliest time for me to go to bed is 1 am.

If I could have, I would ...

...learn how to crochet! But it's never too late to start! I might even teach myself one of these days!

Raluca, Thank You so much for your outstanding support and kind words of encouragement which brighten the day!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and joyful holiday season.

Spread Some SPST Love And Visit Raluca's Etsy Shop Today :


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