Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thank You For Making The SPST's Super Weekend Sales Event A Success!!!!

We held our SPST's Super Weekend Sales Event November 29- December 2.  I would like to thank all the Leaders & Team Members who worked so hard these past few weeks to make this event a success. 

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Rachel Verdi From OddModicum  !!! 

She did an amazing job designing graphics for us to use during our event.  A sample of one of  her designs is featured below. 


Here's just a small taste of items form our members who took part in this event.

 I'm looking forward to doing more sales events in the future!  Thank you so much for the huge support !!!! 

Hi I'm Amy. In my shop I offer a variety of crocheted items and occasionally I list vintage crochet & knitting pattern books. I enjoy working on custom orders. My customers often come up with the best creative ideas; and sometimes offer me the challenge of creating something I've never done before. It’s always satisfying to take a piece of yarn and create something new from it.



  1. Amy, thank you for doing an amazing job with this event! :)

  2. Awww, thank you so very much, Amy! A HUGE thank you to you and all of the other leaders who put in so many hours making this event a success! Pam (comment above me) is right... it was absolutely seamless... but we all know how much work behind the scenes goes into making an event appear effortless. ;) Thank you!!!!

    Hugs & Hope,
    rachel of OddModicum