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25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 21 - Interview with Patricia Of North And South Shabby

Joyeux Noël! 

On the 21st Day of our 25 Days Of Christmas Celebration, let's meet Patricia of North and South Shabby!

Patricia is also one of our fabulous leaders and is our Team Facebook Manager for SPST :-)  What an excellent job she has done!!! Let's get to know more about Patricia shall we?

North and South Shabby is one of a small number of shops on Etsy co owned by a mother and daughter. The fact that we have our shop and live over 1600 miles apart makes us quite unique as shop owners! We offer handmade crafts, revived gems, vintage jewelry mosaics, and vintage finds all with either a shabby or nautical flavor. We strive to create or collect pieces that we would be happy to display in our own homes. Our joint venture of selling on Etsy is a joy for both of us!


What is your favorite tool or craft supply to use for your products?

North (Patricia) -chalk paint and sandpaper
South (Rebecca)- vintage jewelry, shells, sea glass

What is the biggest frustration since opening your Etsy Shop?

Shipping boxes! Due to the fact all our items are all one of a kind, all with unique sizes and shapes, finding boxes to ship them in is difficult. Most package suppliers only offer bundles of 25, finding 1 box is not easy. 

 How did you come to decide on your Shop Name?

Since one of us lived in the Florida keys and one in New England, North and South seemed to be a perfect moniker for us.


When buying from North and South Shabby, our customers can be assured that every aspect of their purchase is handled with utmost TLC! From the hand crafting, or the selecting of the product, to the careful packaging, to the shipping, we do it all, and we are insanely meticulous about it! We want our customer to feel like they are opening a special gift when our product arrives. We do everything we can so that they will love our products as much as we do! No big box store can say that!

What inspires you for your designs?

Growing up in the same family homestead that was rich with the treasures left from generations upon generations past somehow permeated into our veins and inspire us today. We both love the warm shabby style that was so evident in that home, and always strive to find or create products that have that same cozy feel. Both of us live near the ocean, and that in itself influences our style and the color palettes we select. When you look at our shop, most of our items reflect the blue and green hues of the ocean, and the creamy ivory colors of the sandy beach.

Where are your customers located for the most part?

Our customers have been from every part of the country. East coast, west coast, Alaska and in between,  North and South Shabby's items have been purchased all over the country.  It's exciting never knowing where our next sale is going to!

What is the one thing you would like to change most on Etsy to accommodate your business?

The fact that we have to list an estimated shipping fee is very frustrating, and I feel makes Etsy shipping so much more cumbersome for the sellers and buyers too. I would love to see a shipping fee calculator built into the Etsy pages so that consumers would know the actual fee they would be paying for shipping before they purchase. Most online vendors provide this service.

What is your personal favorite item from your shop?

We love everything we have, so really no favorites! We spend a lot of time crafting and selecting our items for our shop. All that time investments eventual becomes a real attachment to the piece! In fact, when an item sells we always a little sad to see it go.

When was the best trip you've taken in search for an item or part for your shop?

When "South" came up north for a visit, we hopped in the car and did a marathon "shop for the shop" day. We hit every thrift shop and antique store in the area and were gone over 12 hours. By the time we were done the car was jammed to the roof with bags of the treasures we had found. We had so much fun and found so many items for our shop! As usual for us though, we ended up keeping many things for ourselves!

If I could have, we would ...

have a studio or craft room with LOTS of storage!

Patricia, Thank you so much for the all the laughs and kind advice which warms the heart.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and successful holiday season.

Spread Some SPST Love And Visit Patricia & Rebecca's Etsy Shop Today :


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