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SOTD 11/18-11/24 by GumpasteGarden

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A few lovely items from the SPSTeam SOTD features.

'SPSTeam SOTD 11/18-11/24' by GumpasteGarden


Beautiful Emerald Green and Gold Accented Gemstone Modern Fashion Beaded Stretch Bracelet - RocandRig
Beautiful Emerald Green...
Crocheted turquoise scarf - softtotouch
Crocheted turquoise sca...
Rich looking faceted green agate in a 2 two strand bracelet, with separators set with Swarovski crystals - CharmedBaublesNBeads
Rich looking faceted gr...
retro birds girls door sign - babies decor signs nursery bedroom decor plaque - customizable - PL124 girls christmas - kasefazem
retro birds girls door ...
Crocheted infinity scarf in Greens - ACCrochet
Crocheted infinity scar...
Mini tote  bag - Cottage style - fabric gift bag - recyclable gift bag - small tote gift bag - on the go miny totte bag for kees and  wallet - CuriousGigi
Mini tote bag - Cottag...
Winter Gift Set Of 4 Christmas GlobesTerrarium Kits Air Plants ~ Holiday Decor Ornaments ~ Magical ~ Best Friends ~ Sister ~ For Her For Him - AGiftofNature
Winter Gift Set Of 4 Ch...
Aquamarine Crystal Pave' Earrings on .925 Sterling Silver Earwires - BridgetsCollection
Aquamarine Crystal Pave...
Green Octopus Necklace with Artisan Pendant and green and Aqua Recycled Glass Beads Undersea Theme - CatchingWaves
Green Octopus Necklace ...
Necklace of Chrysocolla stone pendant suspended on a Sterling Silver 18 inch chain - Beechtree
Necklace of Chrysocolla...
Crochet Irresistible Scarf - OOAK - aureliaslittleroom
Crochet Irresistible Sc...
Gumpaste Roses And Blossoms - confectionerygarden
Gumpaste Roses And Blos...
Butterfly Hanji Paper Magnets Colorful Butterflies Zen Asian Decor Handmade (set of 4) - HanjiNaty
Butterfly Hanji Paper M...
Baby Hat With Scalloped Edging, Blue Color - amydscrochet
Baby Hat With Scalloped...
Teal Garden Buy 2 girls skirts get 1 Free Size 12m to 8 years - Amievoltaire
Teal Garden Buy 2 girls...
PDF Crochet Pattern for Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit, Spring SALE - HerterCrochetDesigns
PDF Crochet Pattern for...
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My name is Judy and I am a cake instructor, who receives so very much self gratification from making cakes and flowers for my family and customers. My Shop has many gum paste flowers to embellish cakes, as well as cake toppers and cupcake toppers for weddings and special events, such as Baptisms, First Communion, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, and so much more. My passion does not stop there, I am adding children's cake toppers as well.

25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 5 - Interview with Sigi of My Little Shoppette

On the 5th Day of our 25 Days Of Christmas Celebration Event, we have featured artist is Sigi, the owner of My Little Shoppette - a lovely shop containing crochet items such as mandala doilies and center pieces, home decor and flowers, but also scrapbooking supplies!

"I am always knitting or crocheting something."
Sigi's story is definitely a bit on the romantic side and you'll surely enjoy reading about it. We are really thankful that she accepted to tell us how she came to master the crochet art and we're also thankful for her advice!

Continue reading and enjoy!

1. Please share a little something about yourself!

My name is Sigrid, but it is much easier for everybody to just call me Sigi.

I am from Germany and only came to the US in 2008. My husband and I first met in 1978, but we only got married in 2004. He is American and I am German. Back then in the 70s I felt too young to leave my Mom and my family. So we went different ways, but life brought us back together in 2002.

2. Tell us about your shop – what made you open your shop and when did it happen? Also, what items do you sell?

I opened my shop a couple of years ago to sell some of my many buttons, that filled jars and bowls and I just had too many of them.

3. What’s the story behind your creations? What got you to create the items you’re making?

My Mom was a seamstress and my Dad a tailor. I grew up sitting on a small chair at my Mom’s feet while she was sewing something. At that early age I learned to knit and to crochet and I have been doing it pretty much since then.

4. Please pick one of your items that you feel is most representative for your shop and tell us what makes it the most special?
"At that early age i learned to knit and to crochet"
Most special and unique for me are my crocheted mandalas. Each one is unique and I don’t use patterns. I just start and it develops from there. They might look alike due to my color choices, but each is a little different.

I don’t list everything I make. I am knitting and crocheting pillows and large blankets, bags and so much more than you can see in my Etsy shop.
I started a facebook blog page a while ago. I am not selling on facebook though!

5. Please share a little wisdom on time management! How do you organize your time? How does a typical day selling on Etsy look like – time spent on orders, on teams, promoting on social media etc?

I have a part-time job with 34 hours a week. Usually I only spend 1-2 hours during the week for Etsy online. On the weekends I try to promote and create treasuries.
During the week I am always knitting or crocheting something. It is easy to take smaller projects with me. I even knit or crochet when I am the passenger and my husband is driving.

6. Speaking of Etsy teams, what do you look for in them? What makes you choose a particular one?

I like teams that give a lot of information and support. I am also in crochet and knitting related teams as well as some others. It is important for me in a team, that discussions are ‘live’ and not falling asleep, because nobody is interested in anything.

7. What’s the best advice you received when you first began selling? Also, what advice would you give to new sellers – whether it’s about promoting items, shipping, photography, communicating with clients or whatever else you feel that new sellers should be aware of?

The best advice I received was about taking pictures and having a precise description, but not too long. This advice is great for every seller, newer or more experienced.

Communication: I make an effort to leave feedback for my customers as soon as I see the confirmed payment. And I also send them a message to let them know what day I will ship and that they will be updated with the tracking information after I posted the package.
Shipping: I try to be exact on my shipping calculation and I ship within 1 – 3 working days.

8. What are your goals regarding your shop for the near future?

I get so many questions about patterns and my goal is to be able to write patterns and then maybe sell those.

The SPS Team wishes you the best of luck, Sigi and we're looking forward to seeing your new designs! Thank you again for accepting to share your stories with us!

Visit My Little Shoppette for more colorful and lovely creations!


I'm Andreea and along with my husband we create "paper miracles". We make cardstock boxes of various shapes and sizes, but also other paper goodies such as die cuts, envelopes, table numbers, gift tags, coasters and more! We truly hope that you will enjoy them just as much as we enjoy making them!


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SUPER WEEKEND SALES EVENT - Ready, Set, Go With Our SPSCYBER2013 Gift Guide!

Are you ready to start your Holiday shopping?

The SPS Team "Super Weekend Sales Event" on Etsy is the first stop ~ Ready, Set, Go !

A total of 75 shops are offering you awesome discounts on handmade and vintage treasures, that will surely please those you love the most!

Unique jewelry, handmade greeting cards, vintage Christmas ornaments, crochet items, handmade pens, home decor treasures, beauty products, toys, original art, dishes and more...!

There's something special for every single person on your list! - SPS Team CyberSale 2013

To take a look at the complete list of participating shops and the awesome discount they offer :

Have a wonderful Holiday season!


My name is Natalie. I am a French-Canadian gal, but I live in South Korea. My passion is called "Hanji" : sumptuous Korean paper made of mulberry pulp. Hanji has been used for a thousand years in Korea to create decorative or ceremonial objects. For me, it is essential to offer useful and practical objects, that can enjoyed on a daily basis. Tissue cases, pen holders, piggy banks, fridge magnets: let the beauty and unique character of Hanji make our everyday life objects irresistible!

Follow Natalie's Blog For The Latest Updates To Her Shop

25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 4 - Interview with Samantha of Angelic Ambitions

Today's featured artist is Samantha, the owner of Angelic Ambitions. Our 25 Days of Christmas event wouldn't have been the same without this amazing crafter's interview!

"I get to do what i love doing and i enjoy every minute of it"
Samantha's beautiful jewelry shop would definitely have you spend a long time checking out all of her bracelets, rings and pendants, but you'll find her interview answers just as interesting! Continue reading and find out how and why she decided to become a full time jeweler, how she manages her business while at the same time taking care of her family and also check out her pieces of advice for new sellers!  

1. Please share a little something about yourself!

Well, first I’m a mother of three wonderful kids and the wife of a recently retired Army Sergeant First Class. I’m 34 yrs. old and born and raised in England, but then moved here to the U.S. six years ago when I married my husband. Late last year I was chosen to be a member of The Artisan Group (TAG) which was really a proud moment for me and it’s opened the way for a lot of great new opportunities for me that I might not have had so early in my shops beginnings.

2. Tell us about your shop – what made you open your shop and when did it happen? Also, what items do you sell?

Angelic Ambitions was created from two things: desire and necessity. I've have been making and creating all sorts of different things for some time now. When I started making jewelry, it was simply something I did for my daughter and myself; but as time went on I fell in love and secretly want a shop of my own. Because I loved creating jewelry and the fact I was only being limited to my imagination. I'm completely self-taught and other than buying and wearing jewelry I’ve had no previous background in designing or making it. So that’s where the desire came from.

The necessity part came after my husband had returned from his third combat tour was told that he would be medically retired from the Army due to injuries he sustained throughout multiple deployments. In mid 2012, after a lot of contemplation and brainstorming we came to the conclusion that my dream was no longer going to be a dream; and with my family's support it’s now a reality. The best part these days is "I get to do what I love doing, and I enjoy every minute of it too!"

As for the items available in my shop, there’s actually a variety of different things. I'm continually trying to come up with new and interesting pieces in order to expand not only my business, but also my knowledge and skills in different creating techniques. I have several types of jewelry which range from Murano beads and European charm bracelets, to handmade items. I work with all types of materials (leather, natural stones, stainless steel, resins, polymers, fabrics) and I have started doing hand stamped items as well.

3. What’s the story behind your creations? What got you to create the items you’re making?

I guess the story behind some of my jewelry is “meaning” like the Mother/ Daughter European Bracelet sets. I know that I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter and I wanted something to signify that bond we share. Other pieces might be made to remind you on a specific event like a trip to the beach, or a vacation in France maybe. Mostly I just try to make things that are bright, colorful and will hopefully put a smile on people’s faces. And make things that maybe they can tie to a specific moment or create a special memory they can associate the item with, so that when they wear it reminds them of that moment in time.

4. Please pick one of your items that you feel is most representative for your shop and tell us what makes it the most special?
"Don't undervalue your work, but be conservative and fair!"
I would say that the item that is most representative of the shop would be the "Leather BOHO Corset Cuff Bracelet". I hadn't worked that much with Leather before and this piece was a bit challenging because of the number of steps involved and working with a material that has multiple variants and imperfections.

I created this piece as a part of an opportunity through "The Artisan Group" to gift items to the GBK's New York Fashion Week Gift Lounge; the pressure I placed on myself was a bit much. Mainly because of never undertaking something like this and also because I had to make 75 of these exactly alike, all of which would be being gifted to celebrities. So as you can imagine making sure they were absolutely right was my biggest concern. This particular bracelet is special to me because it was a challenge which I had to overcome that could potentially help my shop grow and also show that I can create well-made handcrafted items. In the end I think it helped boost my confidence in my abilities and they came out just as I had envisioned them.

5. Please share a little wisdom on time management! How do you organize your time? How does a typical day selling on Etsy look like – time spent on orders, on teams, promoting on social media etc.?

Well... most days start the same, I wake up and I'm checking the shops stats from overnight and then deal with getting the kids off to school. The rest of the day is pretty simple actually, I try to start by putting on an item maybe two per day (usually made from the day prior) and then I spend the next roughly 45 minutes getting the word out about new items and/ or a special I may be having on social media through Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Then I'm checking my inventory and placing orders for anything I might be in need of and if need maybe a quick run into town for a few things to use. And then it's time to lay out what’s on the block to create for the day (I usually try to set a goal for the number of items I want to make each day), then I'm checking my social media, shop stats, and teams once more before starting to make an item. I try to work for about an hour before taking breaks; breaks give me time to check my emails, shop stats again, and reply to or make updates for promoting on social media outlets, and teams. I usually try to set everything down either by the time the kids get home or shortly afterwards and then package and get any orders to the post office before 5:30PM so they ship out the same day.

As for any wisdom about time management all I can say is, "Come up with a schedule that is reasonable, allowing you to work and also allowing you time for yourself and your family". The reason I say that is because everyone needs time for those two things, if not you will surely burn yourself out; I learned that the hard way.

6. Speaking of Etsy teams, what do you look for in them? What makes you choose a particular one?

I look for teams that are easy to manage my time with, ones that give me the choice of when I can be involved. Being in some teams requires a lot of your time and with trying to strengthen your own shop you may not always have the time available that some teams want you to put into them. Instead, I usually look for a team that allows me the freedom to be involved when and if I can so then I can take part in activities, treasuries, and helping others with some advice; because there are days or weeks when I'm so busy I just can't fit any more things in. Something else I look for in teams is to try to find ones that have positive constructive members that support and help each other when giving advice and just in overall discussions.

7. What’s the best advice you received when you first began selling? Also, what advice would you give to new sellers?

The best advice I received from someone was about the pricing of my items; in the beginning I was well underpricing them and though I was selling them I wasn't getting anywhere at all. Then someone told me "Don't undervalue your work, but be conservative and fair." and by far its being told that was a very helpful thing.

As for any advice I have two things for a new seller. First, when pricing your items "Work out a pricing formula that works for you and then stick to it." there will be days you may question it but stay the course. And secondly "You’re not only a designer but a sales person, photographer, and PR person for your shop.". Take the time to make sure you clearly communicate what it is you're selling and communicating with customers in doing this people will understand the value of your items. Take clear photos from various angles, clearly and briefly describe your items, quickly reply to all communication of customers and most important re-inspect your items before shipping them and get packages out as quickly as you can (typically the same day as the transaction if at all possible).

8. What are your goals regarding your shop for the near future? 

Currently I'm exploring a couple of new ideas that I hope will be a hit and help my shop to grow. But I'm going to keep them a surprise for now, so you'll just have to keep watching and following the shop to see what’s going to happen in the near future. But ultimately my goal is to make my shop into something that will be successful, provide a source of income for my family, and to have a shop that people know for quality items at a fair price and a great customer relationship and purchasing experience.


The SPS Team will surely stand on the lookout for Samantha's surprises and we suggest you do the same! We also wish her the best of luck and we hope her shop will grow bigger each day!

Check out Samantha's lovely jewelry shop:


I'm Andreea and along with my husband we create "paper miracles". We make cardstock boxes of various shapes and sizes, but also other paper goodies such as die cuts, envelopes, table numbers, gift tags, coasters and more! We truly hope that you will enjoy them just as much as we enjoy making them!


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Craft Show Preparation ~Getting Ready Set Go!

Whether it's your first time for  the craft show or your a pro getting ready for a show it's kinda like getting ready for vacation!

You don't want to get there (especially if it's so many miles from home) to say: "Oh no I forgot.... I should have brought....."

Here's A check list that you may or may not of thought of to help you get ready!

Weeks before your show!
Have Props Ready To Go
* Make sure you mailed your check/money order, And mark on the calendar which show you will be at nothing worse then double booking yourself! Unless of course you have enough help and inventory for more than one show!

* Make sure you have enough inventory that way the customers are more enticed to come to your table!

* Price All the items before your show, Customers get discouraged when they can't see the price of your item or may get frustrated if they have to ask how much something is.

* Get business cards or fliers customers will ask for them better to have them and not need them then to need them and not have them! New comers to the craft world if you got a printer,PC,and a program make your business cards and our fliers until your able to get them done professionally! Your customers may want to order from you in the future!
Use An Apron To Hold Money In Place Of A Cash Box
* Shop for your table cloth, display props, cash box, (if you don't wish to have a cash box a table server apron that has pockets can hold money.

* Practice at home how it will look best to display your crafts, better to have something go wrong with the prop at home then to go wrong at the show!

Week before your show!

* Go over your inventory and make sure you have enough inventory, For last minute ideas, are you able to whip up some filler items? People love stocking stuffers as well as big ticket items so don't overlook the small items of your craft!

Prepare Free Samples For Your Craft Show

* With your craft, are you able to give free samples? If not get a bowl of candy and place it on your table with a sign that says "Free Candy". That way the customer has to notice the items on your table when they reach for the free candy!

* Vendors set up an hour or more before the customers arrive. I know it will be tempting to check out other vendors but set up first and make sure you're ready to go before you wander around checking out other vendors' goodies. This way you're sure of your table scape and all your crafts are proudly displayed!

* Sometimes shows will ask for a donated item from your table, Make sure that your business card is attached to the item, Another way to promote yourself for future sales. Customers always go to the Chinese auction to put their tickets in and if your name is visible they may buy from you at the show or from you on a later date!

* Sometimes it's a good thing to bring something to work on while you're there!

1st Reason just in case the waves of people slow down you can keep busy making things for your next show.

* Whether it's your very first show or your hundredth show - Relax,  Have fun, Time will go fast! And you will meet interesting people!

Inventory Checklist

  • Table Cloth/Skirt
  • Calculator
  • Start up cash ( small bills and coins)
  • Business Cards
  • Measure Tape/ Ruler 
  • Tape~ scotch,duct, or masking
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Snacks or Drinks
  • Fliers of other craft shows you maybe attending
  • Extra Packing material if your sold items are breakable
  • Props that are displaying your crafts
  • A project to work on
  •  Pen /Pencil
  • Note Pad to keep track of sales
  • Candy/Candy bowl

  • By all means this isn't a mandatory list just to help you out when you're stressed!

    If you like these helpful hints or have a helpful hint that's helped you we would like to hear from you!

    More Craft Show Tips And Ideas Here:

    Something inspirational to get your creative flow going!


    Welcome to the path of creativity! Use your talents to make beautiful treasures that will be a heirlooms that will be passed down through generations to come!

    May your hearts be filled with happiness that flows through your hands to create something beautiful!
    You're about to take exciting steps to express your creativity. Find your path of Creativity and follow it and see where it may lead you!

    I took this picture at the Shakerwoods Festival in their beautiful flower garden section. If you get a chance read the article I wrote and see all the beautiful pictures on Shakerwoods:


    Tip toe thru my garden you will be delighted on the sights of the beautiful sugar creations that will be popping up in the garden, from beautiful flowers to whimsical keepsakes! These creations are handmade,and used on your special cakes and other baked goodies!


    25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 3 - Shop Feature With Andreea Of Funky Box Studio

    Feliz Navidad! 

    Let's meet Andreea of Funky Box Studio for today's 25 Days Of Christmas Shop Features :-)

    Andreea has been a terrific leader for SPST!!!

    My husband and i have been thinking of doing something on our own for quite some time; something challenging and something that we're good at.

    So a while ago we decided to buy a die cutting machine and start working locally offering die cutting services. I admit i was skeptical at first, but as soon as i saw what she can do (yes, i decided the machinery is a girl, i gave her a name, welcomed her into the family and everything), i fell in love. There are so many paper and cardboard products that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for her! Therefore, we decided actually selling the products she can do: boxes of various shapes and sizes, envelopes, tags, coasters, various die cuts and more, so our Funky Box Studio came to life!

    We’re 7 months old now and we’re learning every day, we’re setting goals and we’re giving our best every day so that everyone can enjoy our “paper miracles”!

    Pyramid Favor Boxes
    Etsy is a great place for us to set up camp; people all over the world get to see what we do and that’s our main goal. This paper crafting activity is like a second job and a hobby at the same time for us. However, we intend to make it permanent and full time. Doing what you love and working for yourself at the same time is something everyone wishes for, right?

    What is your favorite tool or craft supply to use for your products?

    We have a crush on kraft cardstock! However, over here in our country kraft cardstock comes double sided – kraft on one side and white on the other. This aspect has its good parts and bad parts. I personally find it a lot cuter and easier to work with. It’s different and “different” can sometimes be very good! Well this is one of those cases.

    What is the biggest frustration since opening your Etsy Shop?

    Shipping fees and bank fees. They’re killing us!

    How did you come to decide on your Shop Name?

    We actually wrote down lots of name options and this one was the best of the bunch! 

    What kind of customer service can your customers expect from you?

    While my husband is the actual crafter (i’m the awesome assistant like Wilson for Dr House or Watson for Sherlock! hehe!), i am in charge of the Etsy shop with everything in it including the customer service. The number 1 rule is to reply to all messages as fast as possible. I do my best to come up with solutions for every custom request for the best prices. I believe that proper communication and patience is the key to good customer service.

    What is the happiest moment you had since opening your Etsy shop?

    There are actually 2 such moments even though every sale brought us happiness. The 2 moments are: the very first sale and the first large sale.

    Where are your customers located for the most part?

    Our customers are mainly from US and Australia, but we’ve had sales in various European countries also.

    What is your preferred communication method (Ie. Etsy convo or E-mail, etc.)

    Our preferred communication method is the preferred communication method of our customers! Whether it’s through mails, Etsy convos, facebook, skype or even by phone, we try to keep an open line to whatever the customer feels works best for him. As i was saying, good communication is the key!

    Which is your favorite social media to use and recommend to other sellers for cross-promoting and why?

    The holy trinity of social media promoting: blog, facebook and twitter, not necessarily in that order. These 3 are the most well-known and the ones that bring the most views and even sales. Funky Box Studio is also on Pinterest, Picsity, Flickr, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and RebelMouse (that is if i’m not forgetting anyone here), but the most views come from those 3 i mentioned first.

    What are the top 3 tips you would like to share with new sellers?

    Be patient, be available and have great photos.

    What is the strangest thing you have ever created?

    A customer asked for a custom size box that ended up looking very strange: it was very large and very thin. I have no idea what it was for… Probably for wrapping a painting?...

    Water, Milk, coffee, or tea?

    Coffee. And tea. And water. And warm milk. In that order.

    The day I opened my Etsy shop, ....

    … I had no plan, no expectations and was ready to wait for at least 3 months before having my first sale. Before opening Funky Box Studio, I had done a lot of research and most people were saying how you should be very patient (there were many people saying they waited for months before having their first sale!), so i tried not being the dreamer that i actually am.

    I wish...

    … we’ll be able to turn Funky Box Studio in a proper full time job.

    Does your family help you with your Etsy business?

    Yep! My brother does. If (and hopefully if) things will get very busy, we’ll also get my mom on board.

    If I could have, I would ...

    … do so much more for this shop! Actually it should be like: “if i had more time…” Time is an issue.

    Andreea, Thank you so much for everything you have done for our Team and Leadership Team.
    We couldn't have accomplished as much without you!!! :-)

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    Spread Some SPST Love And Visit Andreea's Etsy Shop Today :


    Simple ideas to accent your home or brighten up your office. A Gift Of Nature features adorable miniature landscapes and aquascapes. Our love of nature brings about our vision for these mini terrariums. Easy and fun to assemble DIY Terrarium Kits perfect for holiday gifting. Experience the beauty of nature at your fingertips!