Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crafter's Challenge Amongst Friends - Using Dried Gourds As A Craft Medium

Everyone loves a challenge especially when it comes to artist! Craft mediums are only limited by the imagination so anything goes! 

I met a wonderful Etsian through my shellrifficheirlooms shop it all started out with me hearting her gourd listing and our friendship blossomed from there!

One day I was looking through dried gourds and I happen to see this huge long gourd I had no idea what I was going to make with the gourd but knew I had to have it!

So I went through the checkout and bought a couple other gourds from Lindyhandicrafts on Etsy and waited for their arrival. When they came in, I was totally amazed by the size of the gourds I said to myself what to do with these gourds?

So I emailed. my Etsy friend Nativebeads, I told her about the gourds she said can you cut into the gourd and put scenery inside???  I responded to her with Yeah but it would be a whole lot of scenery lol!

So I thought I would surprise my friend and when another listing came up I bought one for her and waited for her to receive hers! She was totally surprised about the size too, So in a few days she e-mailed me and said "I got it, we will both make spirit gourd dolls!"

The Challenge was on!!!

After a few weeks of working hard on our dolls, we exchanged our photos of the spirit gourd dolls, It was simply amazing given the same craft medium two artist came up with two unique gourd spirit dolls, It was a fun challenge and we both have challenge each other with other themes since then!

Here is my friend's Gourd Spirit Doll

A whole lot of beautiful bead work went into this gourd spirit doll, The colors are complementary to one another and very spiritual looking.

Her spirit Gourd Doll Is inspired by Kokopelli

She  sells beaded jewelry and other bead work, including beaded gourds.  She also wrote three bead books that she sells on Etsy as well as beads and self-instructional bead work project kits. Her Native American tribal affiliations are Tewa and Azteca.

I have three of her books, the pictures, tutorials and the stories that inspired her projects is simply amazing as well as heart warming! 

The projects vary from beginner to expert levels. And to own something that NativeBeads made is something that you can pass down through generations!

Here is my Gourd Spirit Doll ~           

She was inspired by nature! I used lots of natural materials on her from gourds,feathers,dried pods,etc, Even had to hand dye her beautiful black raffia  hair! I entered at our local fair and got honorable mention! I would say that both dolls are approx. 2-3 feet tall. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to take on this challenge and to see two artist create a theme using same gourd medium, And to come up with two unique dolls!

Just goes to show you that you can share the love of your craft with others including  craft mediums  and techniques.And just like two artist are different and unique The final result will be just as unique and different!

Wouldn't it be sweet to inspire others to tap into their creativity, And make this world full of beautiful heirlooms that can be passed down through generations to come?!?

I know everyone wants to make money and think that's the only thing that is important when starting on Etsy (We all want to make money so don't get me wrong!) but let me tell you by experience the people that you meet on Etsy have been very nice informative and helpful, I had the wonderful pleasure of joining teams and meeting new people talking about crafts that it has become a wonderful experience that will be treasured a life time!

  If you would like to share comments, stories or challenges
that you had with your crafting friend, I would like to hear from you!!!

SPS Teamies ~ If you would like to join in on future fun challenges that the team is coming up with check out our thread or blogs for upcoming challenges! You may be featured in a upcoming Blog Article.


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