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25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 5 - Interview with Sigi of My Little Shoppette

On the 5th Day of our 25 Days Of Christmas Celebration Event, we have featured artist is Sigi, the owner of My Little Shoppette - a lovely shop containing crochet items such as mandala doilies and center pieces, home decor and flowers, but also scrapbooking supplies!

"I am always knitting or crocheting something."
Sigi's story is definitely a bit on the romantic side and you'll surely enjoy reading about it. We are really thankful that she accepted to tell us how she came to master the crochet art and we're also thankful for her advice!

Continue reading and enjoy!

1. Please share a little something about yourself!

My name is Sigrid, but it is much easier for everybody to just call me Sigi.

I am from Germany and only came to the US in 2008. My husband and I first met in 1978, but we only got married in 2004. He is American and I am German. Back then in the 70s I felt too young to leave my Mom and my family. So we went different ways, but life brought us back together in 2002.

2. Tell us about your shop – what made you open your shop and when did it happen? Also, what items do you sell?

I opened my shop a couple of years ago to sell some of my many buttons, that filled jars and bowls and I just had too many of them.

3. What’s the story behind your creations? What got you to create the items you’re making?

My Mom was a seamstress and my Dad a tailor. I grew up sitting on a small chair at my Mom’s feet while she was sewing something. At that early age I learned to knit and to crochet and I have been doing it pretty much since then.

4. Please pick one of your items that you feel is most representative for your shop and tell us what makes it the most special?
"At that early age i learned to knit and to crochet"
Most special and unique for me are my crocheted mandalas. Each one is unique and I don’t use patterns. I just start and it develops from there. They might look alike due to my color choices, but each is a little different.

I don’t list everything I make. I am knitting and crocheting pillows and large blankets, bags and so much more than you can see in my Etsy shop.
I started a facebook blog page a while ago. I am not selling on facebook though!

5. Please share a little wisdom on time management! How do you organize your time? How does a typical day selling on Etsy look like – time spent on orders, on teams, promoting on social media etc?

I have a part-time job with 34 hours a week. Usually I only spend 1-2 hours during the week for Etsy online. On the weekends I try to promote and create treasuries.
During the week I am always knitting or crocheting something. It is easy to take smaller projects with me. I even knit or crochet when I am the passenger and my husband is driving.

6. Speaking of Etsy teams, what do you look for in them? What makes you choose a particular one?

I like teams that give a lot of information and support. I am also in crochet and knitting related teams as well as some others. It is important for me in a team, that discussions are ‘live’ and not falling asleep, because nobody is interested in anything.

7. What’s the best advice you received when you first began selling? Also, what advice would you give to new sellers – whether it’s about promoting items, shipping, photography, communicating with clients or whatever else you feel that new sellers should be aware of?

The best advice I received was about taking pictures and having a precise description, but not too long. This advice is great for every seller, newer or more experienced.

Communication: I make an effort to leave feedback for my customers as soon as I see the confirmed payment. And I also send them a message to let them know what day I will ship and that they will be updated with the tracking information after I posted the package.
Shipping: I try to be exact on my shipping calculation and I ship within 1 – 3 working days.

8. What are your goals regarding your shop for the near future?

I get so many questions about patterns and my goal is to be able to write patterns and then maybe sell those.

The SPS Team wishes you the best of luck, Sigi and we're looking forward to seeing your new designs! Thank you again for accepting to share your stories with us!

Visit My Little Shoppette for more colorful and lovely creations!


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