Thursday, November 28, 2013

25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 3 - Shop Feature With Andreea Of Funky Box Studio

Feliz Navidad! 

Let's meet Andreea of Funky Box Studio for today's 25 Days Of Christmas Shop Features :-)

Andreea has been a terrific leader for SPST!!!

My husband and i have been thinking of doing something on our own for quite some time; something challenging and something that we're good at.

So a while ago we decided to buy a die cutting machine and start working locally offering die cutting services. I admit i was skeptical at first, but as soon as i saw what she can do (yes, i decided the machinery is a girl, i gave her a name, welcomed her into the family and everything), i fell in love. There are so many paper and cardboard products that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for her! Therefore, we decided actually selling the products she can do: boxes of various shapes and sizes, envelopes, tags, coasters, various die cuts and more, so our Funky Box Studio came to life!

We’re 7 months old now and we’re learning every day, we’re setting goals and we’re giving our best every day so that everyone can enjoy our “paper miracles”!

Pyramid Favor Boxes
Etsy is a great place for us to set up camp; people all over the world get to see what we do and that’s our main goal. This paper crafting activity is like a second job and a hobby at the same time for us. However, we intend to make it permanent and full time. Doing what you love and working for yourself at the same time is something everyone wishes for, right?

What is your favorite tool or craft supply to use for your products?

We have a crush on kraft cardstock! However, over here in our country kraft cardstock comes double sided – kraft on one side and white on the other. This aspect has its good parts and bad parts. I personally find it a lot cuter and easier to work with. It’s different and “different” can sometimes be very good! Well this is one of those cases.

What is the biggest frustration since opening your Etsy Shop?

Shipping fees and bank fees. They’re killing us!

How did you come to decide on your Shop Name?

We actually wrote down lots of name options and this one was the best of the bunch! 

What kind of customer service can your customers expect from you?

While my husband is the actual crafter (i’m the awesome assistant like Wilson for Dr House or Watson for Sherlock! hehe!), i am in charge of the Etsy shop with everything in it including the customer service. The number 1 rule is to reply to all messages as fast as possible. I do my best to come up with solutions for every custom request for the best prices. I believe that proper communication and patience is the key to good customer service.

What is the happiest moment you had since opening your Etsy shop?

There are actually 2 such moments even though every sale brought us happiness. The 2 moments are: the very first sale and the first large sale.

Where are your customers located for the most part?

Our customers are mainly from US and Australia, but we’ve had sales in various European countries also.

What is your preferred communication method (Ie. Etsy convo or E-mail, etc.)

Our preferred communication method is the preferred communication method of our customers! Whether it’s through mails, Etsy convos, facebook, skype or even by phone, we try to keep an open line to whatever the customer feels works best for him. As i was saying, good communication is the key!

Which is your favorite social media to use and recommend to other sellers for cross-promoting and why?

The holy trinity of social media promoting: blog, facebook and twitter, not necessarily in that order. These 3 are the most well-known and the ones that bring the most views and even sales. Funky Box Studio is also on Pinterest, Picsity, Flickr, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and RebelMouse (that is if i’m not forgetting anyone here), but the most views come from those 3 i mentioned first.

What are the top 3 tips you would like to share with new sellers?

Be patient, be available and have great photos.

What is the strangest thing you have ever created?

A customer asked for a custom size box that ended up looking very strange: it was very large and very thin. I have no idea what it was for… Probably for wrapping a painting?...

Water, Milk, coffee, or tea?

Coffee. And tea. And water. And warm milk. In that order.

The day I opened my Etsy shop, ....

… I had no plan, no expectations and was ready to wait for at least 3 months before having my first sale. Before opening Funky Box Studio, I had done a lot of research and most people were saying how you should be very patient (there were many people saying they waited for months before having their first sale!), so i tried not being the dreamer that i actually am.

I wish...

… we’ll be able to turn Funky Box Studio in a proper full time job.

Does your family help you with your Etsy business?

Yep! My brother does. If (and hopefully if) things will get very busy, we’ll also get my mom on board.

If I could have, I would ...

… do so much more for this shop! Actually it should be like: “if i had more time…” Time is an issue.

Andreea, Thank you so much for everything you have done for our Team and Leadership Team.
We couldn't have accomplished as much without you!!! :-)

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Spread Some SPST Love And Visit Andreea's Etsy Shop Today :


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  1. That's fabulous that you and your husband work as a team! Amazing work from the two of you.