Friday, November 22, 2013

Marketing Materials for Arts and Crafts Shows

Let’s talk about marketing materials for an arts and crafts show. Marketing materials are essential for customer retention and repeat sales. Since you have an Etsy shop you have already established some form of identity when you chose your banner. Now you need to start thinking about your identity in print.

Having an identity as a business is crucial, from this you can develop a theme for your business which will guide you as you develop business cards, a physical banner for your booth, price tags, and even packaging. If budget allows you can hire a graphic designer to create a logo for you. (There are many on Etsy) You can create your own look, maybe just based upon a theme or colors that you like.
Here is my official logo for Beechtree designed by a graphic designer (Envy Design Group).

Even if you are on strict budget, it is essential at the very least to have business cards. You can create and then order very inexpensive cards on

Instead of ordering; you can create your own and buy business cards cardstock from an Office supply store and print your own. They come with a template and tear apart easily.

Mini Moo cards are so clever and fun! You can order them from and they give Etsy shops a one time discount. I love mine and I put my contact information on one side and pictures of my jewelry on the other side. You can have different photos on each card which is really cool.

All of your products should have well-designed hangtags or labels with your Etsy address and/or website, and other contact details on them. You can make your own price tags by printing on clear labels (purchase from office supply store) and then put the labels on cardstock you have cut to size. You can design your own hangtags in a business card format and print or order. Here I have designed them so I could get two labels per card.



On another card, I designed it to hold my earrings. When the customer gets home, I want them to be able to find my Etsy shop later.    

Don't forget to have a banner made up for your booth, you need some signage so the customer remembers your name and looks for you next time or online. Make sure that it matches your other marketing materials in typography, design and color.If you can't afford to have a banner made professionally, print one up on your computer and display it in a frame on your table. Or you can use a clipboard or a small chalkboard on a display stand with your name posted to it.

As your budget grows, you can even start thinking about cohesive packaging.

Don't worry about getting started! Your image, theme, colors, and budget will change over time. That's okay! Just jump in and get started toward a professional display! You can see here that my colors, logo, and themes have evolved over time.

Go for it, you'll have fun and your booth will look AWESOME!
:) Tara

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Hi, my name is Tara. I have been passionate about creating in some form or another all of my life. Our family has always enjoyed our time at Lake Michigan and love to collect Petoskey stones and other fossils and stones. When I discovered jewelry making I finally found my niche for creating beautiful pieces that I can share with others. Each piece I create starts with the stones themselves and then it just seems to flow from there. I have collected gemstones and beads from everywhere I travel and always can’t wait to get started with the new treasures.



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