Thursday, November 28, 2013

Craft Show Preparation ~Getting Ready Set Go!

Whether it's your first time for  the craft show or your a pro getting ready for a show it's kinda like getting ready for vacation!

You don't want to get there (especially if it's so many miles from home) to say: "Oh no I forgot.... I should have brought....."

Here's A check list that you may or may not of thought of to help you get ready!

Weeks before your show!
Have Props Ready To Go
* Make sure you mailed your check/money order, And mark on the calendar which show you will be at nothing worse then double booking yourself! Unless of course you have enough help and inventory for more than one show!

* Make sure you have enough inventory that way the customers are more enticed to come to your table!

* Price All the items before your show, Customers get discouraged when they can't see the price of your item or may get frustrated if they have to ask how much something is.

* Get business cards or fliers customers will ask for them better to have them and not need them then to need them and not have them! New comers to the craft world if you got a printer,PC,and a program make your business cards and our fliers until your able to get them done professionally! Your customers may want to order from you in the future!
Use An Apron To Hold Money In Place Of A Cash Box
* Shop for your table cloth, display props, cash box, (if you don't wish to have a cash box a table server apron that has pockets can hold money.

* Practice at home how it will look best to display your crafts, better to have something go wrong with the prop at home then to go wrong at the show!

Week before your show!

* Go over your inventory and make sure you have enough inventory, For last minute ideas, are you able to whip up some filler items? People love stocking stuffers as well as big ticket items so don't overlook the small items of your craft!

Prepare Free Samples For Your Craft Show

* With your craft, are you able to give free samples? If not get a bowl of candy and place it on your table with a sign that says "Free Candy". That way the customer has to notice the items on your table when they reach for the free candy!

* Vendors set up an hour or more before the customers arrive. I know it will be tempting to check out other vendors but set up first and make sure you're ready to go before you wander around checking out other vendors' goodies. This way you're sure of your table scape and all your crafts are proudly displayed!

* Sometimes shows will ask for a donated item from your table, Make sure that your business card is attached to the item, Another way to promote yourself for future sales. Customers always go to the Chinese auction to put their tickets in and if your name is visible they may buy from you at the show or from you on a later date!

* Sometimes it's a good thing to bring something to work on while you're there!

1st Reason just in case the waves of people slow down you can keep busy making things for your next show.

* Whether it's your very first show or your hundredth show - Relax,  Have fun, Time will go fast! And you will meet interesting people!

Inventory Checklist

  • Table Cloth/Skirt
  • Calculator
  • Start up cash ( small bills and coins)
  • Business Cards
  • Measure Tape/ Ruler 
  • Tape~ scotch,duct, or masking
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Snacks or Drinks
  • Fliers of other craft shows you maybe attending
  • Extra Packing material if your sold items are breakable
  • Props that are displaying your crafts
  • A project to work on
  •  Pen /Pencil
  • Note Pad to keep track of sales
  • Candy/Candy bowl

  • By all means this isn't a mandatory list just to help you out when you're stressed!

    If you like these helpful hints or have a helpful hint that's helped you we would like to hear from you!

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    Welcome to the path of creativity! Use your talents to make beautiful treasures that will be a heirlooms that will be passed down through generations to come!

    May your hearts be filled with happiness that flows through your hands to create something beautiful!
    You're about to take exciting steps to express your creativity. Find your path of Creativity and follow it and see where it may lead you!

    I took this picture at the Shakerwoods Festival in their beautiful flower garden section. If you get a chance read the article I wrote and see all the beautiful pictures on Shakerwoods:


    Tip toe thru my garden you will be delighted on the sights of the beautiful sugar creations that will be popping up in the garden, from beautiful flowers to whimsical keepsakes! These creations are handmade,and used on your special cakes and other baked goodies!



    1. oh, boy do i need this. i'm new to doing craft shows. seems i'm always doing things a day or two before. i've thought i should work up a checklist for myself. Good tips here. Thanks!

    2. I've been doing craft shows for several years, but your list is so helpful. I've printed out your checklist and will definitely make good use of it!!

      Thank you! Thank you!!

      Beth from Pretty Byrd Designs