Friday, November 1, 2013

Craft Show Spectacular

I would love to share with you a craft show that is more like stepping back in time in a village amongst the trees, I go there every year sometimes two or three times in the year! It's that amazing with over 200 craft vendors including black smith soap makers, wood carvers and more!!!

If that doesn't get you hooked, There are so many delicious food vendors from kettlecorn to sandwiches and everything in between, I had to have a BBQ chicken parfait! It's placed in a ice cream container that you would see at your ice cream shop, Alternating layers inside was mashed potatoes BBQ. shredded chicken topped off with a cherry tomato.There's always a huge line for the kettlecorn and candy apples. The two food courts have such a wonderful aroma, they are all so tempting you don't know where to begin!

There are stages for live entertainment from dancers to well known singers for the patrons to sit and enjoy.

Did I get your curiosity up on this fantastic craft show yet? OK OK I will tell you........

But first to get you more into the mood you walk through pathways of winding trees, The paths are lined with pebbles some trees were left and beautiful carving of faces are in the stumps and trees.
The booths are so charming that you can almost live in the sheds. In fact I have a few in mind that I would love to camp in.There is everything a buyer could want from jewelry to clothing, home decor to cat/dog treats!
The scenery is beautiful in the summer as well as the fall,
If you love fall and all its splendid colors you would enjoy walking through the woods with the leaves changing in the lovely array of colors as they cascade to the ground, As you walk you can hear the acorns hitting the roofs of the sheds.


Here are the beautifully carved faces in the stumps and trees!

The vendors dressed in old fashion attire for the Christmas event! As you walk by, some were giving demos. on how their crafts were done, I missed the glass blower. The weather must of been to cold to make the glass ornaments. But others were painting, jewelry making and there was even a black smith.

So where is this place you ask??....
Shaker Woods Festival Columbiana Ohio
In August they have three weekends to enjoy!
In October ~ Old Fashioned Christmas In The Woods -
It took place for two weekends Oct.12-13 and Oct. 19-20 2013 Sat and Sun 10-5pm.

This time, we went there on a Sunday good thing cause Sat. it rained!! But like always the Shaker Woods Festival was simply amazing! Sun. was very nice a bit cooler but walking in the woods on winding curvy paths with so much to take in I think I spent 2 1/2 hours there. There's so many talented artists and the sheds were decorated for Christmas as well!
If you ever visit Ohio during these times stop in and see for your self how beautiful this show really is!

This is the ticket booth to get into the festival.

                     Food Court area.


 I have more pictures taken at different dates If you would like to see more comment below and I will be glad to share with you all!!!

Do you have a favorite craft show that you would love to share, please let me know!

If you've signed up for some craft shows for this holiday season OR if you have any craft show tips and advice, we want to hear about them!

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