Sunday, December 8, 2013

25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 13 - Interview with Cassie of Magoos News

Today's Featured Shop for our 25 Days Of Christmas event is ............  Magoos News !!! Cassandra is the lovely jewelry crafter behind Magoos News and we’re thrilled and thankful for her participation in our 25 Days of Christmas event!

"listen to yourself with your creations!"
Being a mother and having a day job would be more than enough for anyone, but Cassie’s creativeness and also her great practical sense got her to open Magoos News, her beautiful jewelry shop.

Continue reading and find out more on how to combine a pleasant activity with its utility!

1. Please share a little something about yourself!

I have always been a creative and entrepreneurial person, so Etsy was a good fit for me. It’s always nice to make a little scratch doing something you enjoy.

2. Tell us about your shop – what made you open your shop and when did it happen? Also, what items do you sell?

I’ve always been creative, and I realized that I was tweaking the jewelry I would buy from other stores, so I might as well just make my own. I decided to open my shop in Spring 2013 simply because I needed some extra spending money and I had a lot of stuff to sell.

3. What’s the story behind your creations? What got you to create the items you’re making?

I started creating for my own tastes and then I gradually started doing custom work for other people, tailoring to their tastes.

4. Please pick one of your items that you feel is most representative for your shop and tell us what makes it the most special?
"part vintage, part upcycled and all me."

I love the vintage Casey Kramer necklace. It’s part vintage, part upcycled, and all me.

5. Please share a little wisdom on time management! How do you organize your time? How does a typical day selling on Etsy look like – time spent on orders, on teams, promoting on social media etc?

Honestly, I work full-time in education and have a family, so I’m not as active as a lot of sellers on Etsy. I tend to do it when I can, because my family comes first. That having been said, I do check it at least every day!

6. Speaking of Etsy teams, what do you look for in them? What makes you choose a particular one?

I tend to not like rigidity (what creative person does???) so I like a more relaxed team that is realistic in its goals.

7. What’s the best advice you received when you first began selling? Also, what advice would you give to new sellers – whether it’s about promoting items, shipping, photography, communicating with clients or whatever else you feel that new sellers should be aware of?

I had a couple of people reach out to me and explain Etsy terminology. I’m not very experienced in social media so a lot of it was (and is!) foreign to me, so that advice was very helpful. The advice I would give someone just starting out is please just listen to yourself with your creations. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in what other sellers are doing, selling, etc. IGNORE IT! This is about you.

8. What are your goals regarding your shop for the near future?

I would like to make more sales. I think being realistic about the monetary motivation for joining Etsy is crucial; we’re here to sell stuff! :)

Amen to that! Great way for an interview ending! We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope both Cassie and the rest of us, Etsy sellers, will reach milestone after milestone in no time!

The SPS Team would like to thank Cassie again for her participation and for sharing her knowledge with us!

Visit her lovely shop for more wonderful creations!


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  1. What an interesting interview with an interesting person!! I love the fact that Cassandra is straight-forward and honest about her goals! I really appreciate her honesty! And her jewelry is just stunning!! Best of luck to you, Cassandra!

  2. Hi Cassie,
    I really appreciated your candid responses, Keep us real, Girl!
    That Kramer necklace is a marvel. I love the complexity and depth of the layering.
    I hope you sell lots of stuff!