Monday, December 9, 2013

December Home Decor: Inspired by Nature

Decorating our homes can be a difficult task if we don't know where to start from.

One trick that will make our job easier can be to choose an specific thematic. This will allow us to use different types of objects while we maintain some kind of coherence.

For this post I have selected different home decor objects from our team members that are somehow related to "Nature".

I hope that you will all enjoy my selection!


There's nothing better than a home wreath to welcome our guests. In this case, the use of small branches and seashells is just a perfect combination.

We can put small objects in different corners of the home for both practical and ornamental purposes like the vases shown below. Each of them represents somehow the beauty of nature while remaining great decor objects.
 by Landby 
  by HanjiNaty

Going a little further we can also have a piece of nature in our home by including this delicate and pretty terrarium.

It is also important to include pictures representing nature inspired artworks. Whether we choose a photograph, a watercolour or a print like the ones shown below, our house will look fresh and renovated.

The final touch can be to include some pretty cushions which will make our home really unique.


My name is Maite and "matemo" is my little creative corner. I love all types of crafts but I spend most of my time knitting and crocheting. I like to make things for the home, fashion accesories and baby clothing.



  1. Great insight on home decorating around a theme. Thank you for including our shell and jewelry wreath!

  2. Very interesting post. Thanks for hosting these wonderful home decors.