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25 Days Of Christmas Celebration # 18 - Shop Feature With Carol Of Confectionery Garden

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Let's meet Carol of Confectionery Garden for today's 25 Days Of Christmas Shop Features :-) Carol is another one of our fabulous leaders giving inspiration to artisans all over the world with her knowledge on craft shows and so much more. 

Be on the lookout for her upcoming mini-series on the Journeys Of A Crafter! :-)

I started on Etsy as a means to get my creations out further than my inner circles like family and friends,  As much as I like traveling to the craft shows I still wasn't able to reach the amount of clientele that I needed to get my creations out there!

I have three shops on Etsy:

Shellrifficheirlooms  (Decorative Eggs,gourds seashells and more) This store  has my nature infused with man-made materials to give a unique keepsakes/heirlooms.

WhimsicalTran4mation  (A trash to treasure store) I believe in recycling or reuse items that would of been thrown in the landfill And transforming them into something that would of been tossed, Giving them a new lease on life!
Confectionerygarden ( I love baking and creating so what would be fun was to merge my two interest into something that was delicious and eye appealing!) This store was created to help others who love to bake but didn't have the time to create beautiful edible/non edible creations for their homemade goodies!


What is your Favorite tool or craft supply to use for your products?

Everyone has their tools of the trade but I have some favorites that I use from each store to create my pieces that I would love to share with you!

From shellrifficheirlooms~ two of my favorite tools to decorate eggs would be my high speed turbo carver, Kinda on the same lines as the dental equipment has faster rpm. then a tool like the Dremmel, Goes through the shells like butter, doesn't shatter the shells, And of course my egg marker, Both of these tools can be purchased through Alcraft Eggartisty!

From WhimsicalTran4mation~ Sizzix die cut and recycling materials that still can be reused for a new look!

confectionerygarden~ Oh my gosh I have so many tools I dont have a favorite they are all so valuable to have!

What kind of customer service can your customers expect from you?

With all my shops I want my customers to have quality products yeah I can make quantity products and flood the market but I don't feel that my customers would be getting top work from me if I rush through and push out items that I don't create from the heart through my hands, I take great pride in creating pieces that some day will make wonderful heirlooms to pass down through generations! I also like to treat my customers with respect and kindness after all if it wasn't for my customers I wouldn't be able to have my store to begin 

What inspires you for your designs?

My inspirations come from everything I see, From original work or being inspired from something I saw on the net,books, teachers or other Etsians. Even customers can inspire me to create something beautiful!

If you could have you would....

If I could I would....... take more classes in other mediums I believe you can take what ever you learn from the class to apply it to your craft and vs.,
For instance I seen and have done where I might pick up clay books or tools to use for my confectionery shop. Of course you NEVER cross contaminate non edible mediums such as clay with edible food for cake decorating, So all my tools are kept separated in their own containers so there is no chance that I would use for food or vs, A tool like the clay extruder is a valuable instrument for cake decorating has so many possibilities!

When was the best trip you've taken in search for an item or part for your shop?

Crafters envision things differently then non crafters we see potential in non traditional items such as going to a hardware store, Can't tell you how many times my honey has said um Carol what are you doing with that item its for...... I look at him and say I'm a crafter I see this as a possible..........  The look on his face as he shakes his head and says yes you do see things differently don't you!

What are the top 3 tips that you would like to share with new sellers?

1) If I could tell more people to open a store on Etsy I would, Not just for the reasons I did or  to make money, (which yeah everyone wants that) but for the valuable information, advice and even friendship you receive from other sellers in teams that your in! 

2) Just remember when opening up your store, Follow your dreams! Don't be discouraged if you don't make sales right away all good things take time! Treat customers as you would like to be treated!

3) Remember don't fall in love  or out of love with your craft medium, Grow with it!

What is your personal favorite from your shop?

To have to choose which one is my favorite item would be hard cause each creation is like asking a parent to choose which child is their favorite! I love all my creations equally even if one does occasionally tick me off when I'm making a piece into something beautiful!

I would love to show you the many craft mediums that I love working with. these are items that you may see in one of three shops that I have on Etsy!
From confectionerygarden~ a beautiful gumpaste cake topper with a baby mermaid,

From shellrifficheirlooms~
This gourd was inspired by the ocean with a mermaid the gourd was trimmed in seed beads, The flowers are made from tiny seashells that I formed into flowers. 

From WhimsicalTran4mation~
Who says gift wrapping has to look tacky using Sunday comics, I made this cute bow out of comic strips.

From Confectionery Garden~
A cute gumpaste fairy cake topper.

 From shellrifficheirlooms~
A mini gourd that I made into a lighted gourd ornament, Using tea light battery candle.

From Whimsicaltran4mation~
Using a Altoids tin I made this cute mini purse.

 From shellrifficheirlooms~
Using a real goose eggshell this Lovely Belle Of The Ball was created!
I hope that I inspired you to create something beautiful that you will  one day create!
Have any questions or comments or story that you would like to share let me know I would love to hear them!

Carol, Thank you so much for all the joyful discussions and incredibly creative ideas that never cease to amaze. :-)

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a fun-filled holiday season.

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