Friday, October 18, 2013

Eye on Fashion - Fall Color Trends 2013 Part II

Eye On Fashion

Tendances De Mode ! 

By Raluca from SPST

Thank you for joining me again for another little talk about what's in trend this season!

We are focusing on colors that are “in” this fall, colors that promise to take an outfit from dull to fabulous. The other week we had our eyes on the powerful purple and the passionate red. If you missed it, you must read it here : What's In Your Closet ? Fall Fashion Trends - What's Hot !

This time, the cool colors take the center stage – green and blue.

G  reen is a luminous color that gives sparkle to gloomy days.
 Green is the color associated with life and prosperity; it is the   
 color that gives balance and puts out a good vibe.

Green makes a smooth transition from last year, when it was declared by experts as the “Color of the year”. If you fell in love with it, there's good news! It is still a big trend and it rules the runaways all over the world. 

Green is everywhere and it can be worn by everyone in a variety of ways and a variety of shades. Emerald green, moss green, linden green... pick the one that suits you the most and you will be one trendy lady. From outerwear to pants, suites, dresses and accessories you cannot go wrong with it!
Wear it in prints, pair it with silver, grays, browns, white or color-block with a purple piece to make your look stand out.

                                  It goes wonderfully well with blue. :)    

B lue is the color of the space, sky and ocean. It is the color that invites to calm and suggests mystery. It is bold, meditative, luxurious and it makes a statement!

Blue is the color that will spice up any wardrobe this fall.It can be worn in a mix of shades from powder blue, to navy blue ( which is now considered neutral) to the bright and even electric sapphire blue. Don't be afraid to wear it especially since it looks good on just about any skin tone. 

It looks good with gold, beige, black, white and even with red and orange. And again, don't forget about the blue-green combination.  

Blue is a must-have this fall, especially in evening wear, handbags, shoes and jewelry  It is a very elegant, royal color.

Wherever you are in this world, no matter what colors you choose, stay fabulous by keeping an open mind! 

See you next time !!!

All the items shown in this article are from Etsy shops owned by members of the wonderful SPS Team.


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