Friday, October 25, 2013

10/25 Spotlight Feature !!! # 2 With Diana Of CharmedBaublesNBeads

Let's take a closer look at lampwork beads for today's Spotlight Feature :-) 

What an awesome bracelet! Would make a lovely Christmas Gift For Her. Hope all of you enjoy this beautiful creation and the story behind it. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next time :-) Be sure to follow and help promote our blog for there's much more to come! Cheers :-)

Whimsical, funky jewelry just for fun!

"My younger sister Joyce, once said that she could tell I had written something “because it’s full of curlicues”.

Indeed! I love the curlicues, the full description, the tasteful embellishment. And therein lies the kernel of the idea behind this bracelet of sumptuous lampwork beads.

I find it way too easy to fall in love with lampwork beads! They are perfect little artistic gems. With the intricacy of the designs, the subtle blending of colors, they are a constant surprise and delight. So, when I saw this particular set of beads, I was lost! The swirls of color erupting like the wheels of a fern frond sprouting from the earth enchanted me. And those little dollops of glass that glow as if lit from within! I had to have these beads and see how they would guide me to create a piece of jewelry.

I’m glad I was wise enough to listen to the beads and realize that my part was to stand aside and let the beads have absolute center stage. The simpler I kept my design, the better these lampwork beauties could shine.

The black, gold and cream is a rich, elegant combination. I think that makes this bracelet a perfect accessory for any formal occasion, or for a more sophisticated casual environment, like the office. Of course, I’d also be one of the first to say, “It’s your bracelet. Wear it whenever you want to feel special!”

Meet Diana from  CharmedBaublesNBeads :

For years my passion was sewing. When I had to give it up, I never dreamed I would find that same deep satisfaction in beading. A little over a year ago I bought a necklace at a department store. I really liked the beads, but something didn’t seem quite right. Then, when it proved almost impossible to do the clasp, I decided to take the plunge. I cut the beading string and there I was with all these loose beads!

Well, that one necklace became a dozen. I still haven’t used all those beads, but I now have so many more pretty, interesting beads! And it’s a real addiction. There is always a new bead I just must have. I can’t say there’s any one material I like best. My favorite is usually whatever I’m working with at the moment. I do really enjoy combining materials in a project, bone, wood, glass, etc. I love playing with the shapes, colors, textures.

Many thanks to Diana from CharmedBaublesNBeads for having shared her wonderful creation and inspiration with us.

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  1. You rock!! What kind of torch do you have?!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I don’t have a torch. Sadly, I don’t have the skills to make such beautiful beads. I count myself lucky to be able to work with them to create pieces of jewelry for others to enjoy.
      So, I guess I don’t really rock! But for a minute or two, it was fun to think that I might! ;-)


      PS Well I didn’t realize this was you, Nancy! Hope all is well with you. Nice website! I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of your work when you get them posted.