Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home Decor - Rustic Chic Inspiration

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantle
One of my favorite home decor trends is rustic chic because it gives a whimsical allure to any room.

The key for creating the perfect atmosphere is simple: using natural materials and focusing the colour scheme on neutral and warm colours.

In my opinion the perfect finishing touch to the whole combination would be to add one beautiful contrasting colour such as bright pink, lilac or turquoise.

I have selected some items from our team members that would transform any house into a magical rustic chic environment.


Little details make the difference, like these simple but pretty crochet coasters made with recycled cotton. 

Wood is always a good choice when it is used for daily objects like these cute hanger embellished with beautiful coloured felt balls.

Recovering vintage objects is also a good start, specially if they have a used and aged look. This clock would look perfect on a wood shelf.

Even simple objects can make our home look special. This white enamel mug cheers up any room when filled with fresh flowers.

Going a little further, we can use a fabric garland in warm colours to give a rustic look to a specific corner of the house.

Another classic of rustic decoration are wire objects. This wire teapot would look great in both the kitchen and the sitting room.

See you next time when I share with you some extra special gift ideas in November!


My name is Maite and "matemo" is my little creative corner. I love all types of crafts but I spend most of my time knitting and crocheting. I like to make things for the home, fashion accesories and baby clothing.



  1. What a wonderful post! I love everything rustic and the items you chose are just my style! Thanks so much for including my fabric garland here. I am honored!

  2. Fantastic Post!~ Love it! Thank you for including our mantle, We also love the rustic chic style!

  3. I am pretty much in love with the crochet coasters. It is really adorable. Oh! I love to have it. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

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  5. These are really whimsical allure for rooms. If someone sees amazing things at home. He automatically attracts towards it. I Like your shared masterpieces especially wire teapot , these are most attractive decoration trends for a home. Here is some more home decor collection which makes a room very different from ordinary rooms
    I love your all articles, especially this one. Hope I have shared a good info with you.