Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Members Announcement Team Charter - Get To Know Our Team

A very warm welcome to all of our new members. Whether you're here to make some friends on Etsy or to learn more about how you can promote your Etsy shops, you're in the right team!

Together we will embark on the journey of helping each other promote our shops, sharing our selling experiences and learning new tools and ways to make our Etsy businesses successful, both on and off of Etsy.

Some helpful tips below from our Team Charter :-)

➽ For all new members, please introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions in our Chat thread :

➽ New Threads can only be started by our Leadership Team! :-)  All of our Members are welcome to contact the Leadership Team if they wish to see a new topic or game thread and the leaders will start the thread. Let us know what our Team can do for you!

➽ There are no specific treasury requirements. However, we highly encourage members to participate actively in the Team games and activities for the biggest benefit in promoting their shops. Active members will get noticed by our Leaders for extra promotional opportunities!

➽ To facilitate treasury making, our Leadership Team has created a Team Shop full of items from SPST shops only. To find other SPST teammies' items to include in the treasuries, please use our Team Shop:

➽ Here's your first chance to be included in our Team Blog :-)

➽ Here are other chances to be promoted :

You'll find many threads in our Team Forum for cross-promoting games that will help bring more visibility to your shop(s). One of the best advice we can give you about Etsy Teams is to be active in the teams you join. Do what you can and have time for :-)

If you are an active member, you will be noticed and you will have a chance to be featured in our Team Blog and/or promoted by our Team Social Media.

➽ For other promotional opportunities, be sure to follow our all of our Team Social Media and check our announcements on a regular basis:

➽ If you are interested in writing an article or two for our Team Blog, you can apply to be one of our Guest Bloggers. Contributing to a Team Blog is an excellent way to bring more exposure to your shop(s) as well :

Please help support our Team by following our various Team Social Media (Team Blog, Team Facebook, Team Twitter, Team Pinterest) and by promoting them via the social media platform(s) of your choice.

Your support, views and comments help raise the visibility of our Team Social Media within the search engines. And in turn, as each Team Social Media gets more traffic, we are able to divert even more traffic to your Shops. :-)

Last but not least, we have a truly awesome Leadership Team!!!!! Without any of our leaders, SPST would not have grown this fast and to this extent. Our leaders constantly go above and beyond to volunteer time and effort by doing all the planning and behind the scenes work to make things happen for the Team.

The SPST Leadership Team is the heart of our team :-) Please take a moment to get to know our leaders and send some SPST love their way by visiting and helping to promote their shops as well :

We hope you will feel at home here with the rest of our teammies at SPST.

Let's keep the cross-promoting going and Happy Sales to all!!!!!!! :-)



  1. I just joined and this seems like such a wonderful team already! You are very organized and have plenty of helpful information, with the links, to help me get started on being an active member of your team. Thank you!

  2. Oh my, how wonderful this team is. I have just started looking over all you have to offer. Thank you so very much for the invite!!!!! I am sure we will have a great time promoting. I love to look through everyone's shops when the time allows and I just love posting to Pinterest.

    Thank you and I look forward to being an active member of this team!

  3. hello to all.
    I was born in Florence Tuscany Italy, for almost a year I moved into a house in the mountains...
    I am a new member of the team.
    my shop etsy:
    Monica Bedini


  4. Wow, what an awesome site . Very organized and you have plenty of information I can review .

  5. I just joined the team n played a tag team treasury game it was fun.

  6. Hi ! i'm a new member of the tema.
    I'm so happy to be there, i think i will learn and share a lot !

  7. Hi! I joined this team a few weeks ago, but this is the first opportunity I've had to begin participating. I'm very excited to be here and will do everything I can to help promote the team and the wonderful team members. Thanks for inviting me.

  8. Hmmm......didn't publish that correctly. Wanted to respond with my name and shop URL. Try again!....Lari

  9. Hi! I'm new to the team I drop in once in a while I've just favorite "bkinspired" and pin it. Just like my shop to be recognized. See you soon.


  10. Hi, I just joined the team and I look forward to making new etsy friends and promoting my jewelry as well as participating in treasury games, shop of the day activities and promoting each other. Hope to get to know you and your shop soon, Regards, Ellen

  11. New to the team and enjoying all of the information so far!

  12. Hi ! I am feeling so lucky to be member of your team .There are lots of opportunity to develop here as a business woman . I will surely enjoy here. Best regards, Fatema from HarmonyBM52

  13. New here and looking forward to meeting everyone! Thank you for letting me join in! Happy sales!!

    Fairytale Faire

  14. New to this team and excited to become a part of it. Great promotions and information here. Thank you for having me.

  15. I'd just joined the team and find it invaluable already!!!

  16. I am Carolyn and am a newbie to the team so looking forward to peeking in all the new shops!
    I make cat toys,beds,dog snood,etc, I haven't noticed a pet section yet but will keep looking maybe I am an everything else.

  17. I can't believe how organized and well thought out you guys are! Thank you so much for the team invitation! I'm really thrilled to be part of it!

  18. Hey :) My name is: Skye Rogerson. I have just joined your team and I can see that it is a very active team.

  19. I am really confused. I was invited to this team, but IDK how to even get to teams or making a treasury from the regular etsy page. I am not even going to know how to get back here to find my answer. If someone could please message me with how all of this works, that would be great. I am really not good at computers, I tend to repel technology! I just don't know what these things are (like a thread, how to do a blog, a treasury,etc.) I am at BarbedWireJewelry on etsy. I want to do these games and treasuries and I would love the exposure as I have only had one sale. I am always looking for ways to promote and promote others who are artisans.

    1. We are here to help you out, Mariah! I just sent you a message on Etsy!
      Here is the link to reach our Team Forum directly (where you can play cross-promotion games and post your items in threads) :

  20. What a wonderful team! So grateful to be part of it ♥