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Inspiration Station # 2 ♥ Original Crochet Patterns From Ida Herter

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Since I was a child, I have had a fascination in the needle arts, particularly crochet. After becoming an adult and mother, I quickly fell in love with the art all over again.

My desire to pick up the crochet hook again was sparked by my growing frustration of not finding a suitable hat to keep my little one’s head warm during the cold winter months. I turned to a philosophy that was given to me by my parents, “if you can’t find one, make one.” After a trip to the craft store, and a glance through a guide of basic crochet stitches, I had produced a suitable hat and was “hooked” to the craft all over again.

I was bit by the “design bug” early in my crochet career. I enjoyed using patterns from other designers; however I found that I was often changing the pattern to fit my own taste. Though I do like designs from other people, I found they were lacking a certain quality that only I could add to a design. Thus I decided to make my own patterns. After learning how to write crochet patterns from the Craft Yarn Council of America, I was able to produce designs that I was completely satisfied with.

I soon began to write down the patterns to my own designs with the intention of bringing them to the rest of the world. I worked hard perfecting my pattern writing skills and perfecting my layout so that others can not only make my designs, but enjoy making them as well. After I had a few larger and more detailed designs finished, I decided to take my designs to a publisher rather than selling the designs myself. 

Though doing this was risky, as I had nothing online at the time, I felt an obligation to put my best foot forward. I submitted some of my best designs to Leisure Arts Inc. for publication. To my delight, months later I was contacted by the editor to work out a publication contract for my “Learn to Crochet Toys” book. As I awaited the book to be printed, I put together my old designs for the purpose of selling online, and came up with even more designs to add to my online shop.

I enjoy sculpting unique creatures and creating things with my own style. Each creation is inspired by my own children, and their playful spirits. When I have a design concept, I sometimes bring that idea to the drawing board and make a basic sketch to gain a clear picture of how each piece will be shaped. Next, I take the time to choose colors that I feel suites the design the best. Occasionally this step can take me more than a day! At times, I have had to sit on the floor surrounded by different colors of yarn as I work up swatches to get the perfect color combination. After the yarn is chosen, I then begin to build my creature stitch by stitch, placing increases and decreases in the perfect places to shape the toy perfectly. Finally, I make the face with the utmost attention to detail; after all, the face is what gives each critter its own personality. I enjoy giving my toys expressive and playful faces.

I take great pride in my designs, and I feel that the labor I pour into each one shows in the finished products. I make the toys with quality materials and with techniques that will ensure the toy has a long life. My designs always spread a little joy to those who receive them. With the support of my husband, and a bit of hard work, my designs are now out in the world and can be enjoyed by anyone. My goal is to give others crochet patterns that are enjoyable to use and easy to read, as well as to create toys that can withstand years of play and become heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation.

I take great pride in the detail I add to each creation, especially in their faces. All of my patterns include detailed photos and instructions on how to embroider the faces.
The needle crafts have been in my family for generations. This set of tools was given to me by my grandmother, and they were given to her by her mother. I am proud to carry on this treasured knowledge and tradition, and anticipate passing it on to my own children. 

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, Ida.
Children are often one of the best inspiration we can have!
This is such a sweet story of how one Mom's love for her kiddos
led to a successful business offering original crochet patterns to other mothers.
We hope Ida's story will continue to inspire new artisans from around the world. :-)

Meet Our Lovely Leader Ida from  Herter Crochet Designs  :

I am a crochet pattern designer. My goal is to provide fun, adorable crochet patterns that are easy to read and enjoyable to follow. My children are the inspiration of my creations. I enjoy capturing their playful and cheerful spirits as I sculpt each toy. I am the designer of the Leisure Arts pattern book #6188 “Learn to Crochet Toys”.

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