Saturday, June 14, 2014

Treasury Box -- A fantastic tool to make treasuries faster and more effectively

One of the most popular tools Etsy shop owners have to promote their items are the Etsy treasuries. A treasury is a 16-item collection, curated by an Etsy member. Hundreds of treasuries are created on Etsy everyday, and among this large pool of collections are chosen the "Front page" treasuries that welcome Etsy visitors every day.

Making a treasury is usually a fun and interesting process, but it can become laborious when you don't have the right tools!

Today I am excited to introduce a great Google Chrome extension, called "Treasury Box" that will make your treasury-making life much easier.

What is Treasury Box? How can it help me?

Treasury Box is a free extension designed to be used with Google Chrome. Unfortunately it will not work with other Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer or FireFox).

Treasury Box offers different features that will save you time and energy :

1. Treasury Box Icon will automatically appear next to every listing you view on Etsy (in search results and in any shop listing). Click the icon to automatically add the item to the Treasury Box; if you change your mind, click once again to remove it from the list.

2. Treasury Creation Tool will help you create your treasury with a single click. You can also remove items or change their order at will. The tool will also indicate if you have selected more than one item from the same shop. To create your treasury, simply hit the "Create Treasury" button in the lower-hand left corner. You can also clear the box by pressing "Clear".

3. Group Convo Sender will allow you to send an individual convo to every single shop owner featured in your treasury by clicking the button "Send notifications". You can personalize the message sent to the shop owners, and the next time you use the notification tool your previous message will be saved.

This tool is very convenient to make sure that shop owners featured in your treasury come by to comment and click on your treasury, increasing its traffic and its chances of reaching the Front page of Etsy.

4. Save Image Tool gives you the chance to save the treasury as an image file (.PNG) that you can use for Facebook posts, blogging, Pinterest, etc.

How can I install it?

Visit Brittany's Best blog to download the extension : You can download and enable Treasury Box within minutes.

Once the extension is installed and enabled, you will see a little chest icon appear in the top bar of your Chrome browser.


For more details, click here :


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  1. This is a wonderful write-up of TreasuryBox. Thank you so much for spreading the word!

  2. Love using treasury Box! It's an awesome tool for treasury making! Great post!

  3. What a great tool. I need to give this a try!

  4. This is a wonderful post, Natalie. It is so on point, clear and concise. I was hoping to find info for a newbie to Etsy. Her pretty treasuries don't get much traffic. This post is perfect! I's so much better than what I expected to find. I do love TreasuryBox!