Sunday, June 8, 2014

BEST IN SHOW Game - What Makes an Item POP?

A little background info on my BEST IN SHOW game - I was making a treasury one day, and I love to come up with catchy themes.  I have 3 poodles, and when cuddling with them, I came up with Best In Show.  Great theme for a treasury, I thought... and I made one.  But, the idea stuck with me - and I thought, this would make a great game!

A game where someone looks through your store, and selects what they believe is your Best In Show item.  But, it doesn't stop there.  They tell you WHY they think it is your best item, so you get feedback that you can put to good use in marketing future items.  And, it may be different for each person that looks through your shop, but that is the great thing about it.  You get all of these little tidbits of information that help you grow and develop as a shop owner.  Plus, we all help promote each other's items - but, that is the simple joy of being on the SPS Team!

Here are a few quotes from the BEST IN SHOW game that answer the question "What Makes an Item POP?"

Here is a painting by EchidnaArtandCards.
It was selected as Best in Show.

"This piece jumped right out at me. I love everything about it. I think it is very dynamic and organic. The colors are vibrant. I love the blending of the colors. The shapes are graceful. The texture makes me want to run my fingers over it.  I love that it is a miniature and that I could really and truly own it! I’d love for it to be the centerpiece of a miniature art gallery, my miniature art gallery!   I really like this thread/game."

- Diana from CharmedBaublesNBeads

Here is another example:

These "Papaya & Tangerine" bracelets are by PeppermintPigs. 

"I went to Liz's store PeppermintPigs. It was like a trip to the carnival. You, Liz, have fun with your store - and those of us who visit feel it. I was like a kid in a candy store soaking it all in! I picked this item as my favorite, because of how you presented it. From the fruity names you gave the colors, to the fruit bowl you staged the bracelets in for the picture. Like I said, fun!"

- Paula from BridgetsCollection

And finally...

Green and Navy Blue Tote Bag by BerkshireCollections

"The workmanship and care shows in all the totes and purses in this shop.  I love the colour scheme on this particular bag. It's very spring like.  Also, I love the use of the cluster of buttons to show- case the centre of the of the flower.   I think any one would love this bag as a beach tote or as a casual around town purse!"

- Rose from AllYouNeedIsBeads

When playing the BEST IN SHOW game, shop owners learn what is the "IT" factor for their items.  Is it the photograph of the item? Is it the uniqueness? Is it how it is made? Is it an item that you feel will be very popular?  Do you somehow connect with the item by the way the shop owner makes you feel when you look at it?

From workmanship, to photography, to causing an emotional connection with your item through presentation and/or description... there is so much to learn as a shop owner.

Come play BEST IN SHOW :

 Let's grow together!


My name is Paula. My shop, BridgetsCollection, carries a collection of items (thus the title) that are all of interest to me. I enjoy going to estate sales and thrift shops to find that special vintage item. I love mid-century modern, I love Pyrex, and I LOVE the hunt! I enjoy finding a used item and up-cycling it to give it a new purpose and a new life. I enjoy crafting in many forms, and never feel the need to limit myself to a certain craft or media. I grab a morning tea, decide what interests me, and I go with my heart's desire of that day. I hope you enjoy my collection!

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  1. BEST IN SHOW is such a great game!! I love it!! Thanks for the awesome post, Paula! I am looking forward to reading some more!

  2. This is a lovely game! Happy to join it! :D

    Dany&Max from WittyWackyPrints

  3. This is such a great game - I always love to know what attracts people to an item in my store! Have received some great feedback, and continue to come back for more ideas!
    Tammy, AhimsaOils