Friday, June 20, 2014

5000 Members Promotion Celebration

Recently the SPSTEAM reached a huge milestone of reaching 5000 members. Our team continues to grow each day. Congrats team!

To celebrate reaching 5000 members and to give our shops some extra promotion we held a special week long promotional event June 2-7. 

We had 39 shops who participated.  Please take some time to visit the participants.                                                    

Let's take a look at each day's activities:

 6/2 -Shop Hearts Day - Each shop lists 5 items from their shop which they would like others to heart & heart everyone else’s items. More hearts more views!

6/3- Treasury Day- Create at least 1 treasury featuring 8 shops from the participant list and 8 from anywhere on Etsy.

6/4- Promote The Shop Below You Day- Each shop will promote a minimum of 3 items from the shop below them on the sign up list. You can favorite items, promote the shop in social media, make treasuries, feature them in a blog post, etc. Promote them the way you want to be promoted. 

6/5- Photo Collage Day- make a photo collage using some of the shops on the sign up list & post the collage to your social media.  Here's a few samples of collage's that were made.

Soft Romantic Items from SPS Team

A few more collages can be found here:

There were so many wonderful collages!  I wish I could feature them all.

6/6- Social Media Day- Post 1 item from your shop that you’d like promoted; Favorite and Promote 3 items posted below you on a minimum of 2 social media sites for each item.

6/7 - Wild Card Day- Pick a shop Not on the list & promote them today. Send them a note letting them know why their shop is special/why you picked them.  

Please take a look at the shops who were chosen for Wild Card Day.

Thank you for joining me in our 5000 Member Celebration.  You can read the history of our team and find out about the captain & team leaders in this blog post: 


Hi I'm Amy. In my shop I offer a variety of crocheted items and occasionally I list vintage crochet & knitting pattern books. I enjoy working on custom orders. My customers often come up with the best creative ideas; and sometimes offer me the challenge of creating something I've never done before. It’s always satisfying to take a piece of yarn and create something new from it. 

     Granny Square Corner Dishcloth, Set Of 2 Hot Pink & Light Purple

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