Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wanelo 101

Most people in the arts and crafts community are familiar with Pinterest. As well as using Pinterest to keep track of recipes, project ideas and funny cat pictures, many Etsy buyers and sellers also use it to promote their favorite items and treasuries.

But, have you heard of Wanelo?

Wanelo (it stands for want-need-love) is a social platform, similar to Pinterest, but it is dedicated just to shopping, making it a great way for Etsy sellers to reach potential customers.

Instead of pinning to boards, like on Pinterest, you add products to collections.


Getting Started

Like on other social platforms, after you open your account you can customize your profile by adding an avatar, a little information about yourself, and even linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here's my Wanelo page.

Feeds, News and Alerts

Once you have personalized your page and created a collection or two, you can start following other people, shops and collections. As you do this, information will be added to your feed.

My Feed - Shows you what products the people you are following are adding to their collections.

The pink number in the upper right corner of the screen shows you how many new notifications you have.

Clicking it shows you your "News" and "Alerts."

News - Shows stories and comments about products by the people you are following.

Alerts - Shows how people are interacting with you and your collections.

Claim Your Store

When you are getting started with Wanelo, it's a good idea to enter your own shop name in the "Find products, stores and people" search box at the top of the page. You'll likely discover that people have already added some of your items to their Wanelo collections. You'll see a link above the items that says "Do you own this store? Claim it." You don't have to claim your store, but if you do, you'll receive monthly updates from Wanelo with analytics about your store's Wanelo activity.


Promoting Your Etsy Shop Items

Since Wanelo is dedicated to shopping, you don't need to feel like you are bothering your followers by adding items from your Etsy shop like you may on Pinterest. Here, people want to see new items. It's fine to add every item from your Etsy shop to one or more collections on your Wanelo page. 

Also, if you want to reach people besides your followers, make sure to include descriptions of your products. You can even use hashtags on keywords in your description just like on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


Tell Your Story

You can add a personal touch to your Wanelo page by posting stories with up to nine products links. This is a great way to inform your followers about new products in your shop, sales or discounts that you are offering. Again, you can use hashtags to highlight important keywords.

The SPSTeam on Wanelo

Yes, the SPSTeam has a Wanelo page. We love to promote items from team shops and share stories about what's new. If you are on Wanelo, make sure to follow us.

If you would like the SPSTeam page to follow your store and include a few of your items in our collections leave a link to your Wanelo page in the team's Wanelo discussion.

Additional Information

More helpful information about Wanelo:
Get the bookmarklet to post items to your collections:


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  1. Ellen, this is a gorgeous article. I hope more and more member will read:)

  2. hi Ellen,
    I found this page very interesting . I have a question about Wanelo and since you have a store on it you can help me. I could find my brand on Wanelo when i started so I search for my brand name by typing it in search bar. I received 2000 results but all from various companies. How do I claim a different company as they have mix of various products from various companies including mine. So how to claim my products appearing on various stores. Please advise, will really appreciate your help.