Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Be a Star - Selection of the Weekend Game

Dear Readers,

Have you ever wanted to be a star? They are so shiny and beautiful!
I read an interesting article about star falls. The original source says:
Sky watchers in North America could witness a new meteor shower on May 24th, 2o14 when, for the first time, Earth passes through a cloud of dust from periodic comet 209P/LINEAR.
You can watch a video:
 I hope you all can see many of it!!!! Until we are waiting to the right time,  check out our last week treasuries:

I wish you a beautiful starry night!

Hi, my name is Ildi. I really enjoy the process of making pottery: I sit down at a table with clay and try to make something that I have an imagination of. I want something and the clay wants something but in the end I can work until I am most satisfied with the outcome.