Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthdays April.... Part 2 !

We have so many April Birthdays that we need a second round!! So here it is : let:s celebrate April and SPS Team members with April Birthdays! :<)

Big Happy Birthday to:

umbrellafant : April 8th                   Meet b!  :<)

umbrellafant is where i share my loot - estate and tag sale finds, flea market goodies and the like. also available here are some products of my creative endeavors. i love old things and wire, and sometimes the two become one! 

Enjoy wandering around umbrellafant: who knows, something may even speak to you!

vintage tins round sewing tins // pink orchids // metal round tins // olive can co.


OurCastleHouse : April 12th                  Meet Michelle!  :<

Creating things in one form or another has always been a enjoyment for me. I grew up in notoriously hot parts of the California desert and crafting of different kinds was one of my indoor activities besides music and some TV. Summers outdoors were spent on the river! 

I now enjoy, and de-stress by crocheting and paper maché-ing, strumming (and sometimes drumming) with our worship team or music pals, finding vintage items of interest, recycling parts or pieces of plastic of interest to me, incorporating music themes, scripture themes or Peanuts themes into unique items.

10 to 20% of my sales will go to Blessings to you!

Donkey and the Unicorn : April 20th                  Meet Michelle!  :<)

Above all else I am a geek. I adore most things Geeky. I spend far too much time staring into space, pondering space, reading about space, and collection spacey items. I am a mother who bores her children with Scientific explanations, the wife of a great man with a LOT of patience, and a pet owner (4 Guinea Pigs and a Box Turtle). I love to read; anything from Non Fiction Space books to trashy paperback novels. My true love is paranormal. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE making jewelry. I started out just beading and enjoyed that so much that I have started to spread my wings. Earrings and Rings are quickly taking over the tops spot. You can see my geek in most creations. You can also see my love of the 1970's look with simple beading and everyday wear jewelry…

Amy Ds Crochet : April 28th                 Meet Amy!  :<)

I learned to crochet as a teen and have been crocheting ever since. I enjoy trying out new patterns & seeing what I can make. I started out by making items for family & friends and decided to try to share my items with others.

I also like to do cross stitch and embroidery.

PinkRosesDesign : April 29th                  Meet Abby!  :<)


On a childhood visit to my grandmother's she surprised me by taking me to a beading class at the local bead store. I remember being enchanted by the jewelry and the idea that someone turned a handful of beads into something that can become a part of another person's life, style, and aesthetic. From that moment on I knew I wanted to design and create jewelry of my own. So here I am years later with my own jewelry store on Etsy, Pink Roses Design, full of my own jewelry designs and interpretations of elegance, nature, and whatever else may inspire me. What can I say, childhood dreams do come true.

Seamarie's Bounty : April 30th        Meet Sue!  :<)

Thank you for taking the time to wander thru my shop. Maybe you’ll find something to love just as much as I loved making it.

Little Miss Avery 1                               Meet Kari!  :<)

I am a stay-at-home mom who loves doing crafts. I have three kids that keep me busy but making crafts is my sanity! I love selling crafts for a price that anyone can afford! I would love to make my little family of five become a little bigger family of 6. I started this business to help save up for adoption. I would love to give a loving home to a little somebody that doesn't have one. Thank you for support me and hopefully I will see you again soon.

Corky Crafts:                                       Meet Corky!  :<)

Welcome to my little corner of the Etsy world! I like to create unique creations that are one of a kind with you in mind. I hope you like what you see and my creation reminds you of your favorite vineyard! Thank you for choosing Corky Crafts. 

As always we strive to keep our costs low, if local to Dallas/Ft. Worth contact us and save on ship costs, local pickup available, please contact us for details. Thank you for supporting handmade! 

'April Birthdays!' by Amievoltaire

Celebrating April Birthdays

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Hi, my name is Angela. I have a passion for fabric and clothing design. Its like making your own puzzles with vibrant colors, patterns and textiles :<)

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