Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebration our 5ooo members - What our members say about SPS Team?

Dear Readers,

We celebrated with an imaginary piece of cake and glass of champagne our big milestone,  reached 5000 members. Now it is time to share with you our members memories and opinions with you.

First of all I would like to introduce our 5 000th member:

''I'm super excited to be a new member! I joined today, and became member 5000!!!! My name is Talecia, owner of SacredVeilBridal. I create my own Bridal Veils and accessories! I'm a stay at home mom, and spend most of my time selling, creating and promoting on Etsy! Thanks for allowing me membership!''

Diana from CharmedBaublesNBeads said:

''I was curious when early in my Etsy journey there was an item favorited and the tag was spsteam. it would pop up every so often. I don't remember exactly what finally brought me to the team, but I can tell you what keeps me here:
The leaders are awesome, hardworking, creative. They give so generously of their time and talents.
Thank you for letting me be a part of something so dynamic and positive!''

Tara from Beechtree, our fantastic leader tell us how she can find SPS Team:

 ''This is such a fantastic team! I shake my head in wonderment at how much time Ildi and Natalie devote to the team!

My first introduction to the team was at a time when I had walking pneumonia and was spending a lot of time on the couch and playing in the forums. I had been looking for an interesting team to join and when I found the SPSteam I felt like I had found the one. I spent so much time (like 6 weeks) playing the games and interacting that I was noticed and asked to be a leader, I felt very honoured! It has been great ever since to see the team grow and to get to know all of the leaders and many of the members! Congratulations SPSteam!''

We just love Beth from PrettyByrdDesigns opinion about SPS Team:

''I love being on this team. The captain and leaders are awesome. Everyone has been so friendly, welcoming, helpful and just plain GREAT.  Thanks to all and let's celebrate!!''

We got so many CONGRATULATION posts, we smiled and smiled and smiled:) I would like to share one of our leaders lovely words: ''Congrats Team on reaching 5000 members! I enjoy working with the Captain & Leaders to plan events & I love how the members of the team come together for teamwork; promoting & helping each other. Great work team!''

Amy from amydscrochet organizes our big SPS Team Events, which is right around the corner:

Do not forget to sign up!!!!!

I know more people wrote to us, you can read all here.

Finally I share Rose from AllYouNeedIsBeads post:

''I'm happy to be a member of this team
I am a newbie and am still learning.
When other groups would not have me, you did, no questions asked.
I will continue to participate and wish everyone well on the sales in their shops.''
.... and she is still our active member. I wish all of you many, many sales and SEE YOU soon at SPS Team:)


Hi, my name is Ildi. I really enjoy the process of making pottery: I sit down at a table with clay and try to make something that I have an imagination of. I want something and the clay wants something but in the end I can work until I am most satisfied with the outcome. 

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