Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Announcing SPST's Spring Sales Event- Sign Up Open Feb 24-26

SPST is proud to announce our next Team Sale Event. We are having our SPST Spring Sales Event  from March 5-9!

Every shop that signs up will create a coupon code for the sale using the code : SPSTSPRING.

We all will be using the same code but each shop is responsible for assigning the value of the coupon; free shipping, 10% off, 15% off, etc. It's up to you to decide how to use the code for your shop.

For the duration of the sale, all participating shops will work together to help promote the sale by curating Etsy treasuries and cross-promoting each other's shops and items via various social media platforms.

The sign up thread will be posted on our Team Forum from Feb 24-26!


Other threads to be on the lookout for:
  • Promote Your Code Thread from Feb 27- March 1
  • Promote Your Sale Items Thread  from March 5-9
  • Treasury Thread from March 5-9

Please join us in our Spring Sales Event :-)

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to sign up for this event but are  not a member of SPST yet, please consider joining us now :-)



Hi I'm Amy. In my shop I offer a variety of crocheted items and occasionally I list vintage crochet & knitting pattern books. I enjoy working on custom orders. My customers often come up with the best creative ideas; and sometimes offer me the challenge of creating something I've never done before. It’s always satisfying to take a piece of yarn and create something new from it.