Saturday, April 19, 2014

Treasury Pin : a great tool to promote your treasuries on Pinterest!

If you sell on Etsy, chances are you have either been featured in a treasury or made a treasury of your own. It's also quite likely that you have pinned a treasury on Pinterest to promote it.

One thing that has always frustrated me about using the "Pin It" button to share treasuries is that only the first item of the collection is pictured. That first item may be beautiful, but it doesn't seem fair that the other 15 spectacular items aren't shown.

That's why I was so excited to discover Treasury Pin on the web.This handy site helps you pin a treasury and show 4, 8, 12, or all 16 of the treasury items in the pinned image.

Step 1: 

Enter the URL of the treasury you want to pin. Just copy and paste.

Step 2:

If you want to pin an image of the first 8 treasury items, just click the "Pin It" button.

Otherwise, click the "New Treasury Pin Editor" link.

Step 3:

Select how you want the images displayed. You can rearrange them and choose how many items to display.

Step 4:

After you select the size, just click the "Click Here" link.

Finally, you'll get to see your finished image and be able to select the "Pin It" button.

Yes, it takes a couple extra steps to pin a treasury like from this site. However, people are more likely to find something they may be interested in and repin or click through to the treasury. For me, it is well worth the extra minute or two it takes to use this tool because I want my treasuries to get all the exposure possible.

Who is behind Treasury Pin? According to the "Who" section on the site, we can thank Heidi from DaisiesChain. You can also find Heidi on Pinterest.

Happy treasury pinning!


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