Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pastel Selection of Weekend Treasury Game

Dear Readers,

 I was thinking how can I choose some of the many beautiful treasuries today and my choice is a PASTEL. "Pastels or pastel colors are the family of colors which have high value and low to intermediate saturation. The name comes from pastels, art media characteristic of this color family. The colors of this family are usually described as "soothing", "soft", "near neutral", "milky", "washed out", "desaturated", lacking strong chromatic content. Pink, mauve and baby blue are typical pastel colors" as Wikipedia said.

You can see my romantic PINK selection:

I wish you a beautiful Spring day:


Hi, my name is Ildi. I really enjoy the process of making pottery: I sit down at a table with clay and try to make something that I have an imagination of. I want something and the clay wants something but in the end I can work until I am most satisfied with the outcome.

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