Sunday, September 21, 2014

Giveaway: Radiantly Luxe Beauty

I'm very excited to introduce you to Bethany from Radiantly Luxe Beauty. Her shop is filled with a collection of handmade soaps, moisturizers and lip balms perfect for pampering yourself.

Bethany is getting ready to donate some of her luxurious handmade soaps to a fundraiser benefiting F.A.C.E (Facing Autism With Children Everywhere). Before she makes her donation she'd like some help thinking of new flavors or types of soaps that she could create especially for the fundraiser.

Support Bethany, share your product ideas and enter for your chance to win this entire collection:

The Giveaway Sampler consists of a four pack of gardeners soap, one bar of Dead Sea mud spa soap, one bar of coconut carbon spa soap and one bar of citrus twist vegan soap.

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This giveaway is open to US residents only.


My name is Ellen and I LOVE to design and create things. I find it deeply satisfying to start with nothing more than an idea and finish with a tangible, beautiful, functional piece of work. I enjoy learning new techniques that I can incorporate into my creations. I practice a variety of different art forms, but find I always have at least one knit, crochet or sewing project in progress.


  1. gorgeous handmade soaps:))) what about use herbs for your future soaps like mint, rosemary, basilica.....
    Thanks for sharing your donation!!!!

  2. Beautiful soaps! How about a fruit soap like strawberry?

  3. I love your soaps. How about a lilac scent?

  4. Great ideas guys! I have a soap with green tea (brewed green tea & green tea leaves). The only bad part about adding herbs inside the soap is that they tend to turn brown, sometimes if you add them on the tops of soaps they stay their original color!! Amy, I have a soap with fresh strawberries and raspberries plus pomegranate seed oil (pomegranate berry blast)! Lilac is a great scent, I should try that as I had a customer ask about that scent at this weekends craft fair!

  5. Kelly C. left a comment on aG+ post about the giveaway

    "Musk scent, with eastern spice. I remember a scent my husband used to get me to add to baths. Forget its name now but he loved it. I lost my sense of smell so haVe to trusf others opinion. The last scent I liked before I couldn't tell the diffrrence was white diamonds. It was cool striking and pleasant. To remember scents, its flashing back to how they made me feel."

  6. Orange pumpkin spice :) I love fall scents..or autumn harvest