Monday, August 4, 2014

My Summer Art Show Adventures (Part 3)

One of the most important aspects about showing your art at an art show is how you interact with your potential customers.

⤃  Greet your customers in a friendly way that lets them know you are the artist, they are there for the whole experience and that means meeting the artist as well.

  Dress for success, your customers measure your success by how you present yourself.

  Customers are interested in the story behind your art, the more unique the better.

   Try to read other’s personalitiessome people want to engage and be “chatted” up, others prefer to approach you with questions after the initial greeting. Never prejudge who will buy and who will be a “looker”, it will surprise you every time!

  Talk to the husband or significant other while she shops! Keeping him engaged gives her more time to look. Ask questions like,  “are you on vacation?”, make a comment, Oh, I see you were in the Bahamas” I take cues from the shopper’s clothes, jewelry, dog, etc. so that I can make a comment to them about something of interest to them that will engage them. Let them know you are happy to be there with them.

   Never complain about the heat, weather, bad sales, etc. They are there for fun!

   Don’t sit in the back of your booth unless you really need to take a break, be ready to engage and answer questions or show another item that you might have in a box in the back. Many times I have sold a piece that was still packed away because I was willing to dig through the inventory to find that special one for someone.

  If you do need to sit, look attentive. This year I bought a new high director’s chair so I can pop up quickly and it also puts me at eye level with my customers even when I do sit.

  Give everyone a business card! This is a golden opportunity to drive them to your Etsy shop or website or even for custom orders later.

⤃ Enjoy yourself! You might make a lot of money or a little, the people watching is always great and you will meet some wonderful people!

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Hi, my name is Tara and I am a recently retired Speech/Language Pathologist with 2 grown children and one grandson (and another on the way!) I share my home with my husband and 2 big dogs.

I have been passionate about creating in some form or another all of my life. Our family has always enjoyed our time at Lake Michigan and love to collect Petoskey stones and other fossils and stones. When I discovered jewelry making I finally found my niche for creating beautiful pieces that I can share with others. Each piece I create starts with the stones themselves and then it just seems to flow from there. I have collected gemstones and beads from everywhere I travel and always can’t wait to get started with the new treasures. 

I hope from my shop you can find a piece that speaks to you and brings much joy. 



  1. Once again, Tara, Simple, concise, practical advice. I haven't done much in craft affairs. I hope to do a couple this Fall and will be referring to your trilogy when I'm preparing and organizing. This post has several things I'd not have thought of.

    Thank you for your generous sharing of your experience.