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Introduction to Fiber Art Designs, Thread Embroidery & Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m an arts and crafts enthusiast. I live in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada! Instead of spending my time and money on the strip gambling and seeing all of those awesome shows and concerts I choose to do my own style of entertainment, crafting and making a little winnings from them to boot!
Today's article is an introduction to fiber art designs, thread embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery.
My Etsy shop, called onestitchaway1is where I share my original, quirky fiber art designs in which I have incorporated vintage inspired embroidery stitches and silk ribbon embroidery.  The base fiber I use for my animals is felt that has been recycled from post consumer plastic bottles!  How do they do that? And my unusual Lady Bug hot pads are made of recycled lady’s suit fabric.

What is Fiber Art?  

Fiber art is defined as the binding of fibers into nonfunctional forms as works of art.  For example, here are some items created by team members that fall into this category, as "felted animals":

Fiber art works can also be works of art that communicate some sort of message, emotion or meaning and go beyond just the literal meaning of the materials. Wall hangings and artificial floral wedding bouquets are an example of this. 

Crazy quilters have taken it a step further by adding thread embroidery and/or silk ribbon embroidery to their work.  Of course, these last two art forms are used in many, many other fiber art mediums.

In this day and age we have become very clever in the use of fibers such as in vintage or just plain old clothing by altering the piece to update it or give it our own flair like the jacket pictured below, fashion accessories that are eye-catching such as the mittens pictured below and home decor that brighten up and give it character.  All of these make a functional part of our daily lives. 

This article hopefully will inspire fabric crafters to try these different methods of handiwork taking their project to the next step by enhancing their fabric art.  Happy creating!

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Many thanks to our guest blogger, Nancy!

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My name is Natalie. I am a French-Canadian gal, but I live in South Korea. My passion is called "Hanji" : sumptuous Korean paper made of mulberry pulp. Hanji has been used for a thousand years in Korea to create decorative or ceremonial objects. For me, it is essential to offer useful and practical objects, that can enjoyed on a daily basis. Tissue cases, pen holders, piggy banks, fridge magnets: let the beauty and unique character of Hanji make our everyday life objects irresistible!

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