Friday, September 27, 2013

Choo-Choo Come Join Us For A Train Ride :-)

The holidays are coming and we all need some extra promo!

Let's keep the cross-promoting going with an SPST Promo Train ride which departs 10/1-10/4. We need 8 players for this game.

This is a team effort! If you sign up, we'd like to ask that you commit to cross-promoting the other participants on the list from 10/1-10/4.

✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥

➽ 1st Stop (10/1) Shop Hearts - Each shop lists one item from their shop which they would like others to click/view/fave. More hearts more views!

➽ 2nd Stop (10/2) RePin It - Each shop lists 1 pin from her/his Pinterest boards which s/he would like others to repin!

➽ 3rd Stop (10/3) Spread Some Love - Each shop will be pick 3 items from the shop below them on the list and promote the 3 items via social media sites of their preference!

➽ 4th Stop (10/4) Treasury PIF - Each shop will create at least 1 treasury featuring any 4 shops from the list of participants

✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥✻✻♥ ✻✻♥

ღ Team Pinterest, Team Facebook and Team Twitter will be along for the ride sending out more pins, likes and tweets for your shops
ღ All participants will be included in a post on the Team Blog

Sign up to join us next week :


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