Friday, September 20, 2013

9/20/13 Spotlight Feature !!! # 1 - Meet Kristin From Philosophotography

Let's take a stroll Into Wonderland for today's Spotlight Feature :-) 

What a spectacular photograph!!! It caught my eye immediately while perusing some of our teammies' shops. It's whimsical, it's fantasy, it's art. It's a lot more.

Hope all of you enjoy this beautiful scenery and the story behind it. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week :-) Be sure to follow and help promote our blog for there's much more to come! Ciao :-)

"This photo, "Into Wonderland," was taken nearby my grandmother's home in Sebastopol, CA. It's an image that I do believe is full of wonderment. It's dark, and you cannot see where it leads, yet there's an inviting light and a curiosity within it. You are pulled into the mystery! I don't know where it leads--but I want to find out.

That's how I felt as I wandered through that area. The same as I felt as a kid when I explored my grandma's orchard property. I did not know where my feet would take me--and I didn't want to know--I wanted to find out!

After all, it's not much of an adventure if you know what's coming. So, this photograph takes me back to when I was small, perfectly curious, and unafraid enough to seek a mystery but unsure enough to make it exciting. And I think we all need a little of that every now and again."

Meet Kristin from  Philosophotography :

Philosophotography is an expression of two of my passions: photography and philosophy. My photography, every image, is a reflection of my eyes. It's the capturing of a moment--the feelings, the colors, the smells, the sounds--they're all there. Even me--I'm there! And while I do love sharing that with others, my photography started off as a way for me to remember and relive those moments.

For a long time my sister encouraged me to list my items on Etsy. And though photography as a career was (and is) something I desired, I lacked the confidence to put myself out there. Nonetheless, I made a feeble and relatively unsuccessful pass at it back in 2011. But about a year ago, my sister stepped in and helped me restart my shop. I have since taken over the reigns, feeling reinvigorated and eager to create, capture, and share!

I am so honored and proud to have my shop recognized and spotlighted here. I hope you will drop by and walk a spell with me, experiencing what I've experienced, getting to know me, and even making it your own.

Many thanks to Kristin from Philosophotography for having shared the amazing photos and their story with us.

Take a stroll through Philosophotography for more wonderful photography. See Kristin's life as it's shown through her photos :


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