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Meet our Members! -- Shoshana from YoMoEssentials

The SPS Team is an international team of artists, artisans and creators working together to promote their finest work!

Every week we are happy and proud to introduce a member of our outstanding team! They come from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and artistic horizons, but they all have one thing in common : they are driven, creative, dynamic, and dedicated to their Etsy business and to their team, SPS Team!


Today we are thrilled to introduce Shoshana, a personal care product designer and creator from California, USA! She opened her shop called "YoMo Essentials" in May 2014. 

In Shoshana's shop you will find an amazing assortment of personal care products for you and your four-legged friend!

Let's meet Shoshana and learn about her Etsy adventure, what inspires her, the social media platforms she likes to promote on, and the role Etsy fellow shop owners and teammates play for her.


Why do you sell on Etsy?

I really enjoy selling on Etsy. I love being part of the community of handmade artists. Although I began selling retail and wholesale before joining Etsy, my sales on Etsy began just after I opened my shop. I joined Etsy upon recommendation of a relative. I was so excited when I heard my first "cha ching"!

What are the specific challenges for a beauty product and personal care product seller on Etsy?

I would have to say that my biggest challenge selling on Etsy is creating a bond and trust with shoppers. I have had wonderful reviews from purchasers which means a lot to me and to those looking to purchase, but call me old fashioned, I love the face to face sale.

What inspires you for your products?

I am inspired to create my products from the way I choose to live my life - as close to nature as possible. Respecting nature and giving thanks for its healing gifts.

How do you organize your time? How does a typical day selling on Etsy look like ?

I have to divide my time between being a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor and YoMo Essentials. I am currently a member of Many teams on Etsy. I use social media often to promote my shop as well as others. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I wish there were 48 hours in a day! 

Are you a buyer on Etsy as well? What do you usually look to buy? 

I live a pretty simple life so I am not a big shopper. However, I have purchased from Etsy and have my eye on several items in different shops at the moment.

Which is your favorite social media to use and recommend to other sellers for cross-promoting and why?

I have had the most success with Instagram as far as social media but the combination of twitter and Etsy teams really boosts my shop views and sales.

How does a team such as SPS Team help you with your Etsy business?

I am so grateful for Etsy Teams. The SPS Team has been wonderful instrumental factor in gaining exposure to my shop and products as well as boosting sales - all through fun cross promotions and games.

Thank you so much for your generosity, Shoshana !!

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My name is Natalie. I am a French-Canadian gal, but I live in South Korea. My passion is called "Hanji" : sumptuous Korean paper made of mulberry pulp. Hanji has been used for a thousand years in Korea to create decorative or ceremonial objects. For me, it is essential to offer useful and practical objects, that can enjoyed on a daily basis. Tissue cases, pen holders, jewelry, fridge magnets, hair accessories: let the beauty and unique character of Hanji paper make our everyday life objects irresistible!

     Yellow Blue Hanji Paper Earrings OOAK Patchwork Stripes Yellow Blue Green Hypoallergenic hooks Lightweight Dangle Earrings

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