Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Best in Show

What is the best item in your Etsy shop? Join the SPSTeam's "Best in Show" discussion for the opportunity to find out.

The "Best in Show" game is quite possibly my favorite discussion in the team forum on Etsy.

The premise is quite simple. You visit the shop listed ABOVE your post, look through their items and select what YOU feel is their "Best In Show" item. Then share a link and your reason for selecting that item.

As a seller, it can be very easy to get wrapped up in how we present our items without seeing it from a potential customer's point of view, so it's nice to have an objective eye peek into your shop windows and give you some helpful feedback.

Some of my favorite posts from "Best in Show" (click on the items to see them on Etsy):

reinaliz from CuriousGigi

I hope you'll join the discussion and make someone's day by sharing what you think is their Best in Show!

Other fun discussions in the forum that you might enjoy:


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