Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is a fun and engaging social media site that is all about stunning visual content. Pinterest has been growing and getting involved can really help you to promote your Etsy shop. But first you need to sign up.



Getting Started

Open an account and link it to your business page and email. Once your account is active you can begin to create interesting content that will get you some followers. Since 80% of pins are re-pins, you want to add pins that people will find when searching and want to re-pin to keep on their boards.

Your Pinterest feed shows what you like and also helps people get to know your interests.

Create interesting content by giving your boards fun names and creating engaging inspiration boards. Use secret boards to pin new content and likes and then move them to other boards in the correct seasons and to highlight certain events.

Some fun board name examples: jet-set for a travel board, shoe shine for a board about shoes, fabulous food and drink for a board about recipes, furry friends for a board about cute animals, life wisdom for a board about inspiring quotes, and many more that you can find by just looking at Pinterest.

Inspiration boards can contain ideas for travel, entertaining, recipes, colors, or supplies for your craft and techniques, tutorials and diy projects.

In order to build up your boards and followers you must find and follow like-minded pinners who enjoy the same things you do. SPS Team has an account that you can follow here. Joining a community of pinners to follow and finding other sellers and customers to follow you is easy when you join a long established and popular account like this.

Creating engaging content is a balancing act and you don’t want to just pile on pins of items from your shop or people will unfollow you and you won’t get your message out. In order to be engaging, you must curate and edit your pins so that they show your brand and create an interest.

Quick Tips

  • Make a board for your Etsy shop and add items from your store.
  • Daily pinning helps you to get regular attention.
  • The best time to pin is in the afternoon and evening as that is when most people are on Pinterest.
  • In order to network your Pinterest you need to connect it to your other social media accounts, such as your Facebook business page and by adding a Pin it button to your blog so others can share what you do.

Just get started and with a little time and effort you will find that Pinterest can bring traffic and customers to your shop when used consistently.


My name is Diana. Self-taught seamstress of clothing and household decor, I start with inspiring patterns and modify them to my taste. I'm hooked on fabric accessories! Soft and washable! Great fun fabrics inspire me! I love to explore new styles and designs! Handmade is a process that should show itself in the finished product and adds to its beauty. Custom requests are welcome!



  1. I love Pinterest - however, it can get quite addictive. Thank you for this interesting post.

  2. Great post! I agree with Carola- very addicting!