Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Spring Sales Event

Spring is in the air and the SPS team leaders have been busy planning this year's Spring Sales Event which will be held April 6 - 12. We will be actively promoting the sale on the Team Blog and our Team Social Media to bring you extra visibility.

How The Sale Works

The purpose of this sale is for us to work together, as a team, to help each other get views and sales.

Every shop that signs up will create a coupon code for the sale using the code SPST0415. We all will be using the same code but each shop is responsible for assigning the value of the coupon; free shipping, 10% off, 15% off, etc. It's up to you to decide how to use the code for your shop. (If you are new to coupon codes, visit the coupon code help page.)

Things to remember when setting up your code

  • Codes cannot be edited, so please choose the value of your coupon wisely.
  • Do not delete your code before or during the event. Deleted codes cannot be used again. If you delete your code early Etsy will not allow you make a new one using SPST0415.

Threads to watch in the Team Forum on Etsy

March 22-28

  • Sign-Up - Let us know you are planning to participate by sharing a link to your shop and the type of discount you will be offering - SIGN-UP NOW!

March 29- April 4

  • Pre-Promotion - Participating sellers will list list five items from their shop and heart the other items. (Team Leaders will be promoting these items on the team's Pinterest and Wanelo pages and possibly Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Community)

April 6-12

  • Spring Sales Event Thread - We will be doing different activities throughout the event
                 Day 1 - Promote treasuries created by leaders
                 Day 2 & 3 - Adopt a Shop
                 Day 4 & 5 - Create a photo collage/Treasury/Wanelo story
                 Day 6 & 7 - Hearting (to give everyone that last big push)

  • Social Media Threads - We will have 3 separate threads for social media that you can participate in as often as you'd like during the sale. The more you pin, post and tweet, the more often you will be re-pinned, liked and re-tweeted!
               Pinterest - post a link to your pin and repin
               Facebook - post a link to your Facebook post like & comment on the 3 above you
               Twitter - post a link to your tweet and retweet the 3 above you

  • Sold Thread - Share your success and post items that sold during the sale

Team leaders will send each participating shop a convo with links to the sale threads once they are available in the forum.

Participating shops must...

  • Sign up and post your discount code in the sign-up thread by March 28
  • Have at least one social media account on either Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Be available (not being in vacation mode) for the duration of the sale.
  • Participate in all four activities (treasury promotion, adopt a shop, create a photo collage/treasury/Wanelo story, and hearting ) in the Spring Sales Event Thread
  • Participate in at least one of the social media threads
  • Post all sales made during the event in the Sold Thread

Shops that do not follow through with promotion will not be allowed to participate in future sales events.

Participating shops are encouraged to...

  • Participate in more than one of the social media threads
  • Promote the sale on blogs and other social media platforms if possible
  • Add sale information to your shop announcement

Finally, if you'd like a graphic for your shop or promotions...

Strategic Promotion for Success Team: Spring Sales Event April 6-12 on Etsy

Happy sales!


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  1. Amazing work Ellen! Looking forward to the sales event. Happy Sales!

  2. This looks great, Ellen! Thank you! Signing up now!

  3. Thanks for a very informative article, Ellen. Great job!

  4. Fantastic idea!! I am sure the great team effort will bring success to all the participating shops!! I am in, for sure!