Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gift Guide for New Parents

Hi everyone!

The holidays are just around the corner and what better time to celebrate the arrival (or soon to arrive) addition to the family. Here are some terrific gift ideas to help out those new parents and make this time even more special.

I Promise to Keep the Trees Healthy and Beautiful Organizer Diaper Bag Carry-on Tote
Diaper Bag from Jolie Femme

Bamboo/Cotton Crocheted Baby Blanket & Amigurumi Turtle Toy - Newborn Baby Gift

Crocheted Baby Blanket from Bridget's Collection

Cute Monkey Security Blanket - Blanket Buddie - HANDMADE BY ME

Cute Monkey Security Blanket from Krafty Grannys Home

Small Fabric Storage Bin Basket - Dr. Seuss Print with Yellow Dot

Small Fabric Storage Bin by A Happy Haberdashery

Little Golden Book "A Child's Year" by Joan Walsh Anglund

Little Golden Book from My Forgotten Treasures

Hippie White Sock Monkey stuffed animal Baby shower gift Toddlers toy OOAK Birthday present Stuffed animal peace sign

White Sock Monkey from Garbubot

Stop back soon for more great gift ideas from our team!


bethb119Hi my name is Beth and I love making greeting cards, gift boxes, little journals and other papercraft items. I really enjoy experimenting with all sorts of colors and textures while working with rubber stamps, inks and an assortment of embellishments. I take pleasure in giving my customers a special item that was made with a lot of thoughtfulness.

Rustic Card - Any Occasion Card - Rustic Chic Style - Blank Card - Ivory Card - Rich Earth Tones - Burlap - Hand Stamped - Burgundy Card  Any Occasion Card - Vintage Style - Blank Card - Shabby Chic Flower - Navy Blue Card - Ivory Accents - French Flair - Blank Card

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