Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Summer Art Show Adventures (Part 2)

How do I get all of this stuff to the fair?

 I just finished my 3rd show for the summer. We had beautiful weather and didn’t have to pack up in the rain; I am always excited when the weather cooperates. The night before when you are packing everything, you take your time and fit in everything just so. But after a full day in your booth, talking to hundreds of people, and most times sweating the whole day, you just want to go home!  Dissemble everything, pack it into totes, bags and boxes, jockey for a position in the loading zone, and load it up! Doesn’t fit? Cram it in somehow and drive home feeling like a jack in the box! One bad bump and all the doors might pop open!

Of course a great solution might be to buy a trailer to haul all of my stuff, but that would entail learning to back up a trailer not to mention the expense.

What is all this stuff that I need? Here are a few of the things that I bring, tent, tent weights (you don’t want to go airborne!) tent weight straps, small table that functions as a pay station, folding table, folding screen (holds my earrings), shelving, 7 plastic totes, folding dolly, 5 foot long risers, folding chairs, hanging canvas walls, cooler, my helper (yes, I have to cram them in too) and other misc. items too numerous to mention. Since there are so many things I need every time and everything seems so crucial, I have made myself a checklist which really helps. I have personalized it to me but here is a link to a generic one that may help get you started if you want to make a list of your own. 

This is the solution I came up with that seems to work for me with the smallest expense. I had a trailer hitch installed on my car and bought a metal cargo carrier at U-Haul. The carrier attaches quickly to the hitch and I can still open the back lift hatch on my car to put things in and out. It can hold up to 250.00 pounds and after I pile everything on I just bungee it all down. Hooray!

I will be off to my next show at the end of the month. Each one is a different adventure! I am having fun, making some money and meeting lots of interesting people.

Stay tuned for further adventures. Part 3 I will discuss setting up your booth and interacting with customers. If you have questions or anything you want me to add into my discussions, please leave a comment, thanks!  Tara

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Hi, my name is Tara and I am a recently retired Speech/Language Pathologist with 2 grown children and one grandson (and another on the way!) I share my home with my husband and 2 big dogs.

I have been passionate about creating in some form or another all of my life. Our family has always enjoyed our time at Lake Michigan and love to collect Petoskey stones and other fossils and stones. When I discovered jewelry making I finally found my niche for creating beautiful pieces that I can share with others. Each piece I create starts with the stones themselves and then it just seems to flow from there. I have collected gemstones and beads from everywhere I travel and always can’t wait to get started with the new treasures. 

I hope from my shop you can find a piece that speaks to you and brings much joy. 

Petoskey stone nugget earrings with champagne and blue Czech glass and blue crystals  Petoskey Stone necklace with sterling Tree of Life charm , Michigan necklace, Up North


  1. Thanks, Tara, for the clear presentation and photos. You give a lot of helpful tips.
    I think I missed no.1. Could you post a link to it here? I find the links to earlier, and later when applicable, really helpful.

  2. Thank you Diana for the nice comments. Here is the link to post no. 1.
    If you look on the right hand side of this blog page you will see the blog archives and you can access all the previous blogs there! Have a great rest of your weekend! Tara

    1. Thanks, Tara. Sometimes I get lost in the archives! I'm always lookin' for the easy way out!
      Watching for your next adventure post.

    2. I added the link to Tara's first article (Part 1) and I also added more links to some interesting articles on Craft show preparation! Thank you for pointing it out, Diana! :)

    3. Thank you, Natalie. I appreciate the links to the extras, too. I find these blog entries very useful and do recommend them to others, too.
      Some day I'm going to be soo smart from reading all these great tips! (And from putting them into practice too)

  3. Thanks, Tara!!! It is amazing, how great way you can pack everything!!! I wish I would be so organized!!! You are right, if the weather is nice, the whole atmosphere changed and you have bigger chance to sell!!!!
    I wish you good luck to your next show!!!!!